Mobile Phone Subscription in Lithuania

Mobile Phone Subscription in Lithuania

If you ask Europeans, a good number of them would prefer to live in Lithuania. You know why? The country is  expat friendly. Its affordable living conditions will be a great thing for young people interested in saving a penny here and a dime there. Maybe it is for this reason that single expats would gleefully turn to the dating scene in Lithuania, find a match  and get to stay in the country longer. Lithuania offers amazing job opportunities and quality education to foreigners and natives alike. Besides, some expats have lauded it for its incredible work-life balance. However, while you are in the country, you might wonder how to stay connected to friends and family. 

You will require a reliable and affordable mobile phone service. Don’t worry though. You will find it very easy to communicate in Lithuania. It has some of the world’s best mobile phone facilities. You can access 3G networks from almost everywhere in Lithuania. You also have access to several providers ready to cover all your mobile service needs. 

Mobile Phone Services in Lithuania 

Lithuania is ranked among the countries with the largest number of mobile service providers. Almost everyone in the country owns a cellular device. This could be primarily motivated by the fact that there is 3G network coverage almost everywhere in the country. It’s fairly simple to get a mobile phone service in the country. You might also find mobile services here favourable here because of the existing roaming charges. 

With an affordable local SIM card, you can make international calls at negligible local rates. You see, the competitive nature of the market forces providers to provide cheap options for their subscribers. The SIM cards cost 3-8 EUR and have access to calls, data and SMS. You could also opt for a monthly subscription plan if you are planning to stay in Lithuania for long. 

Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Service Providers in Lithuania

You will be pleased to know that the mobile service market in Lithuania is very competitive. There are many subscribers in the market whose focus is getting your business. So, before you choose a provider, compare the prices and packages offered by each. They offer a wide range of services so you’ll have a lot of leeway. From the largest to the smallest providers, you will have access to unbelievable deals. 

To make your life easier and save costs, you are better off using one provider for all your services including internet and TV. When you select deals that include all these services, your provider will offer you deals that include huge discounts. If nothing then imagine how much easier it will be to pay your bills at the end of the month. 

I should also mention that you must always read the fine print before signing a contract because the devil is in the deal. Some smaller providers have been known to advertise lower subscription fees only for you to find other hidden fees. 

Mobile Service Providers in Lithuania

Among the most popular mobile service providers in Lithuania are Telia, Bitė, and Tele2 . These providers give you access to both prepaid and post-paid services. If you are planning to stay for long in Lithuania, I would recommend getting a post-paid plan. The provider will ask you to sign a contract that allows you to receive their services monthly. 

However, there are conditions that must be met to sign a mobile service contract. The requirements will differ from one provider to another so you can check their websites to be sure. The most common requirements are an ID and a proof of residence. Some even go as far as asking for a deposit before you can subscribe to their services. 

The mobile service rates and charges will vary from one provider to the next. It will also depend on the package that you choose. So the best thing to do is to check each website and find a plan that covers all your needs. Note that each provider will have a dedicated prepaid service. So focus on it if you are not planning to stay in Lithuania for long.  


Bite is a good provider for expats who use their phones frequently to make calls, text and browse. The provider has many pocket-friendly packages that include all three at different prices. 

Bite has many mobile service subscribers so you can always expect good coverage and great internet speeds. You should also know that Bite values new customers and has dedicated packages for them. A good example is the Delfi free package that includes 15 free minutes. The offer lasts for a month. 


With a large market share and many subscribers, Tele2 has a wide variety of packages for its users. What might attract you to this provider however, are their competitive prices. The only downside to subscribing to their services is the contract. All subscribers must sign a 24-month contract upfront when they sign up. Ending your contract prematurely will attract extra fees so be sure before you sign up. 


I would recommend Telia for expats who love adventure or anticipate to travel around Europe for any reason. You will find it adequate thanks to its wide 5G coverage throughout Lithuania. Apple device owners should also consider it because it has customized packages for them. They also offer other services such as home internet and landline that come with extra months of free cellular data.