Housing and Renting in Lithuania

Housing and Renting in Lithuania

Lithuania is a small-sized country but picturesque with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Found on the edge of Europe, Lithuania has a rich and inviting nature. It is a country worth visiting as it has everything a traveler could wish for.

What is interesting is the fact that living in Lithuania is not expensive. You will not spend much in this country as you would in other European countries. The average rent cost in Lithuania in the city is about 417 € per month for a 1-bedroom apartment. Besides, it will cost you around 288 € per month for the same kind of apartment outside the city. 

Expensive cities to rent in Lithuania

Lithuania enjoys relatively affordable rent. It is pretty cheap. Nevertheless, the country has some expensive cities whose rent is pretty high. Such cities include Marijampolė, Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Jonava, Šiauliai, Vilnius, and a few others.

That means if you are looking to rent in any of those cities be ready to spend. They are high-end cities meaning the rent is not like in any other city in Lithuania. These cities have furnished apartments hence you will enjoy comfort to the fullest.

Finding an apartment to rent in Lithuania

Renting a house in Lithuania usually comes with extremely good deals. There are various ways you can look for a house to rent in Lithuania. You can start by engaging real estate agents. They know about every house available for rent.

You can try the classifieds also for they usually have selections of both furnished and unfurnished apartments. You will enjoy low living expenses in Lithuania such that after paying rent you will still have some money to spare for your other expenses.

It is important to note that utility costs are usually not part of the rent. This applies mostly to unfurnished apartments. That means as the tenant you will cater for heating, water, cooling, and electricity. You can make monthly payments for electricity bills in Lithuania which will depend on your average usage.

How to avoid eviction in Lithuania

When renting an apartment in any city in Lithuania you have to be very vigilant. But, why? Because you will risk eviction if you are not careful. To ensure that does not happen, sign a rent agreement. It has all the rules and regulations hence it will keep you safe.

For one, the rent contract must show the term of the rental. If it doesn’t show a fixed term, it means the landlord can cancel it anytime. This puts you at risk of eviction. The ideal agreement is one that shows that if the landlord wants you out, they should give you a notice of not less than 6 months.

A written contract protects you from scams and from unscrupulous landlords. That is why signing a contract is wise even when it does not seem necessary. It is better to be safe than sorry. Having said that, eviction can still happen if you breach the contract as the tenant or if you damage the apartment.

Buying a house in Lithuania

If renting in Lithuania is not your thing then you can opt to buy a house. You will not face any restrictions in a case when you want to buy either a house or a flat. It is the prices that might give you a bit of a challenge. This is because the price of buying houses in Lithuania has escalated over the years.

In most cases, the prices of houses vary from city to city. In short, the price is determined by the city or area you want to purchase the house. The condition of the house, its size, and factors like heating systems also dictate the price.

Once you identify the property you are interested in, you can engage either the home owner of a real estate agent. You have to sign a sales contract before making any payment. Having a lawyer at this point would be helpful so that you understand some of the terms in the sales contract.

When purchasing a house, you can make payments using two options. You can either pay in cash or through a mortgage loan usually issued by a bank. Also, bear in mind the sales contract has to be notarized. This is very crucial. After that, go ahead to register ownership at the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

Understanding the rental contract

As a tenant renting a house in Lithuania, it is extremely important that you understand the rental contract. Know when the contract ends and what conditions it comes with. If the new conditions are not workable for you as the tenant, inform the landlord.

You have the right as a tenant to retract the termination letter. This is in the case where the landlord wants to rent to someone else. Also, a landlord has no right to cancel the rent contract. Such a case can only happen if the tenant does not pay rent for three consecutive months.

To be on the safe side, ensure to return the apartment as you found it. This will ensure you don’t incur extra charges for repairs and damage compensation. In case of any improvements made by the tenant, the improvements can be taken away. Compensation can only be done if the landlord was in agreement with the improvements.