Statistics About Digital Nomad Life That May Make You Want To Become One

Statistics About Digital Nomad Life That May Make You Want To Become One

It’s one thing to live in one place and work remotely. However, it’s a completely different way of life to move to different places and work remotely. This is known as a digital nomad lifestyle.

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Portugal Has Great Cities in Europe for Digital Nomad Life

Lisbon usually tops the ranked lists of greatest cities to live in as a digital nomad primarily because of its low cost of living and always pleasant weather conditions. You can live comfortably with a low monthly rent usually under 1,000 euros and a monthly transportation pass for less than 40 euros.

Cities in Portugal in general are known to have very fast high-speed Internet service upwards of 1 Mbps speeds which equate to 1,130 Mbps. It is essential to have the fastest Internet speeds to finish digital work promptly. Those quick Internet speeds mean expedited turnaround times so you can focus on seeing Portugal’s tourist sites during your stay.

Over Half of Digital Nomads Are American

Americans make up over half of the digital nomads throughout the world. Almost 17 million Americans said that they are digital nomads as of 2022, which skyrocketed by 131% compared to how many there were in 2019 before the pandemic hit in 2020.

Digital nomads in the United Kingdom make up another 7% while Russia accounts for another 5% in the world. Canada and Germany come in fourth and fifth place both making up 4% of the worldwide amount of digital nomads. Hence, the total number of worldwide digital nomads is about 35 million.

Set Your Work Schedule As Long As You Are Within the Deadline

The Society for Human Resources Management inquired 13 leaders in the HR industry about their policies related to allowing digital nomads to be in their workplace. One of the leaders mentioned how the entire team, including digital nomads, must work within a deadline.

As long as digital nomads are contributing to their assigned projects, as long as it is within the deadline time frame and they are staying in proper communication with their manager and team, all will be good. Hence, you can have command over your schedule on what you will do during the day in your personal life while incorporating your assigned workload.

Say that you have a project due at 11 am the next day. You can work on some of the projects from 7 pm to 8 pm before getting ready for bed and then work on it again from 5 am to 6 am before sending it off. Then,  you can get ready for the day and go explore the attractions wherever you are currently living as a digital nomad.

Most Digital Nomads Are Millennials, But You Can Be One At Any Age

MBO Partners states that about 34% of digital nomads are Millennials, which is the largest age group. Generation Z digital nomads make up another 23% which is the second most populous of the group. Because they are the youngest adult generation worldwide, they are more attuned to the digital lifestyle and learning how to find work opportunities online.

No matter the statistics, you can travel around the world and work from anywhere you want at any age. Do not put a label on your age thinking that you are too old or too young to travel around the world as you make a living.

Final Thoughts

Do you work remotely? Have you thought about becoming a digital nomad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.