How To Declutter Your Belongings Before Moving To A New Country

Your Belongings Before Moving To A New Country

Decluttering your belongings helps to lessen anxiety, improve how it looks in your home, and makes you feel more productive. Especially if you are planning to move to a new country, decluttering what you own is essential for a smoother transition to your new home abroad.

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Why Declutter Before Moving to a New Country?

Shipping your belongings via international mail is more costly than domestic mailing. International transporters charge a fee based on the weight of the package or how much volume it takes up in the shipping quarters. The transporting company will charge you based on what is higher priced. Hence, decluttering what you own will reduce how much you have to pay in transporting your items to the destination country.

While you can save money by shipping your items overseas to arrive in the new country you will live in, it can take up to 90 days to receive your belongings. Therefore, it’s easier to have your belongings go through international customs than to be stuck at sea for many months.

Review the Customs Policy for the Destination Country

Some countries do not allow lewd material (i.e. X-rated magazines) on airplanes. Of course, to reduce terrorism, firearms are not allowed, even if it is registered under your name.

If you have any prohibited items, give them away to friends or family. Alternatively, you can attempt to sell them to interested buyers so you have extra cash for your travel in settling into a new country abroad.

Other Prohibited Items

Here is a list of other prohibited items that should not be in your airport luggage. Sell or give away any of these banned items before boarding your flight.

  • Toy weapons of any sort.
  • Dry cell batteries.
  • Any type of kitchen, combat, or self-defense knife.
  • Electronics that cannot turn off.
  • Explosive items.
  • Household items such as bleach.
  • Acidic products.
  • Aerosol cans.

Have a Plan

It’s best to have a plan when you go about your decluttering project. Ask yourself the essentials that are important for you to take to the new country to which you are moving. Of course, you need clothes on your back and any of your favorite memorable or hobby-related items.

Evaluate if you have too much of a specific essential. Consider packing a capsule wardrobe of ten pieces of each clothing item you own: shirts, pants, shorts, and underwear. Throw away tattered clothing and donate the rest.

Separate Everything Into Piles

As you go about decluttering, separate everything into specific piles. Have a keep pile to take with you on the flight to the new country to ship abroad to your new home. Make a donation pile of things that you do not prefer to sell but would rather give away.

If you have anything of a higher value that you could make money on, create a sell pile. Take pictures of each item and list them on the marketplace section of your favorite social media platform or have a yard sale on your front lawn. The extra money you make on selling unwanted belongings would be great for your transition into purchasing furniture, home decor, and groceries for your new home abroad.

Get Ready for the Big Day

Now that you have sold what’s of value, and donated what you wanted to give away, it’s time to pack up for the big day! Place your belongings in suitcases, duffle bags, or customs-approved totes. The less that you have, the easier it will be to board your flight!