Mobile Phone Subscription in Italy 

Mobile Phone Subscription in Italy 

If you are planning to visit or stay in Italy for whatever reason, you will need to get a cell phone. If you don’t use your phone to capture images of the picturesque scenery then it will provide you with a means to find your way around the magnificent cities there. Italy for sure offers a divine and enchanting scenery that will keep you in high spirits for most part. Using your mobile phone you can navigate most parts of Italy. You can also keep in touch with your friends and family. You will soon realize that life in Italy revolves around family and friends so stay connected. 

For a single person visiting Italy, there are high chances that your mobile phone will find some good work. The sweet Italian damsels or muscular men will likely sweep you off your feet and saving their contacts will be the only insurance for a next meeting. Just for the know, Italian is a romance language which makes it irresistible to want to pursue those beautiful queens there. 

The good news is that Italy has a good and reliable telecommunication network. The market is also quite competitive so you will have a number of providers at your disposal. However, you should know that your mobile phone connectivity will depend on where you live. Some rural areas have poor network coverage. You can remedy this by choosing a provider that has the best coverage in the area.  

Overview of Mobile Phone Services in Italy 

The first step to getting a mobile phone service in Italy is to get your phone unlocked if it’s network-locked. Among the things you need to get a mobile phone service in Italy is a codice fiscale, valid ID and proof of residence. The requirements will vary from one provider to another so check on their websites to be sure. The best way to get access to mobile phone services in Italy is by applying online. 

It is not only time-saving but also convenient. However, you can also call a provider through the phone or visit their nearest establishment. In-person visits will ensure that you get personalized service from their customer service. You can also ask as many questions as possible and seek clarification where you need it. It’s also the best option if you don’t speak or understand Italian. 

Mobile Service Providers in Italy 

You will be pleased to learn that Italy has many mobile service providers. They offer a wide range of services and packages that will suit all your needs and budget. For instance, you will find that most of their packages include unlimited calls, internet and even messaging. You might even find a few customized packages from some of the providers. 

The popular mobile service providers in Italy are TIM (Telecom Italia), Vodafone, Iliad and WindTre. Each provider offers different services and packages at various prices so choose one that meets all your needs. 

TIM (Telecom Italia)

Telecom Italia has the highest number of subscribers in Italy and is thus considered the largest telecom company. It offers its customers various packages at fairly affordable prices. With this provider you can access an extensive TIM 5G unlimited that is reliable and also affordable. 

Not only will you receive unlimited 5G internet but also calls and SMS. So if you are a frequent caller and texter this is the ideal plan for you. Keep in mind that TIM allows International Roaming that will enable you to use it throughout the European Union. And what’s more, there are no additional fees for these calls. 

So you should go for it if you are planning to tour Europe. You’ll also love the customer service of this telco. It is immediate and available at all times. You can get the TIM 5G plan for only 29.99 Euros every month. Perhaps I should also let you know that you will have a free month online as a new subscriber.  


Vodafone is a popular mobile service provider in Europe. Currently, the British-owned telco is available in 22 countries. It gives its users access to many packages that include SMS, internet and calls. One of its affordable and reliable packages is the 5G Infinite plan. 

If you love watching HD videos online and browsing the internet from your phone then you might find this plan very helpful. However, what’s most attractive about this plan are the unlimited calls within the European Union. 

Similarly, it allows you to access 1000 minutes for calls to non-EU countries. So you can stay connected to your friends and family back home at fairly affordable rates. The 5G Infinite plan currently goes for 24.99 Euros per month. The price makes it the most attractive plans for an expat. You bet it will be extremely difficult to find a better plan than this. 


WindTre, an Italian owned telco, is fairly new to the market. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it has a large market share. In terms of subscribers, it is competing with known giants like Vodafone. You will find its website particularly appealing since it’s simple and neat. You can easily differentiate between the plans and easily identify their prices. 

Though WindTre has a wide range of packages, the most interesting one is the More Lite 5G plan. It is among the cheapest plans in Italy at the moment. It costs 12.99 Euros per month. With it you can access 50GB data, unlimited minutes and 200 SMS monthly. So, it would be best for those who don’t send a lot of texts in a month. The 50GB data however, sounds adequate if you don’t stream HD videos and download a lot of stuff online.