Mobile Phone Subscription in Ireland

Mobile Phone Subscription in Ireland

If you are looking for a place with divine scenery and rich culture then Ireland is where to go. So singles visit Ireland just to mingle with possible dating partners, create unforgettable memories and feel cosy. Even if you have no better reason to visit Ireland, your arrival there will just prove that it was never a visit in vain. Most expats feel at home here because English is spoken widely so they can comfortably order their favourite dessert. If you have recently arrived in the country, your major concern is finding a reliable mobile service provider. 

We live in an age where mobile phone services are as essential as knowing where to order your favorite dish. Well, the good news is that you won’t have trouble keeping in touch with family and friends here. The country has a high standard and wide range of mobile phone services. There are many service providers who offer a range of prepaid and postpaid services. So shop around before you decide which provider is best for you. 

Mobile Phone Services in Ireland 

Ireland has a generally reliable communications network in place for both landline and mobile phone services. However, as soon as you arrive in Ireland, you will realize that most people use mobile phones to communicate. So, if your phone is already unlocked then you simply need to get an Irish SIM card for it, and you are good to go. 

The bad news is that the country relies on a GSM network so not all mobile phones will be compatible. So you’ll probably be forced to buy a new phone. I should also mention that most mobile phone shops in the country charge according to your credit history. So you being new and all, you will be forced to pay more money upfront since you have not established a good credit history yet. 

What you pay for mobile service will vary depending on several factors such as your needs and provider. However, most providers offer packages that include free texts, calls and data every month. You can also expect to encounter a problem or two for mobile communication in parts of Ireland’s countryside. 

Mobile Phone Service Providers in Ireland 

Ireland has many mobile service providers who offer a range of services at varying prices. All the providers are licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). The most popular providers are VodafoneO2 , Three, Meteor and Eir Mobile. 

You can connect to any of these networks by buying only a SIM or a SIM and phone together. The providers mostly offer Pay As You Go (prepaid system) or contracts. All the providers sell mobile phones that can be purchased from their stores.  

Connecting to Ireland Mobile Phone Network via SIM only

There is no need to buy a new phone in Ireland if you already have one. I know you have already spent a lot on the move and are looking to save costs. So, just focus on getting a new SIM card instead. 

A new SIM card is necessary even if your previous provider is also available here. You will notice that your SIM card does not work with Irish phones. The good news is that most service providers offer to unlock their customer’s phones for free. If not then you can visit the closest small electronic shop for the same. 

You can buy a SIM card from any provider shop or order online. I wouldn’t recommend getting one from the Carphone Warehouse.  You can then decide whether to subscribe to a contract or pay as you go. 

Most providers will give you the SIM card immediately but will ask for some form of identification. SIM cards are typically very cheap in Ireland. However, O2, 3 and Meteor offer free SIM cards for pay as you go subscribers. 

Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile phone services in Ireland 

If you are looking for a simple plan for your mobile service then this is what to go for. Most expats on short-term stay go for this option. It allows you to keep track of your spending since you will only pay for the credit you use. However, make sure you confirm the actual connection costs before you choose this option. 

You should also check if your provider has set a minimum top-up for each month. Pay as you go cards can be recharged at some ATMs, directly with your operator or by purchasing top-up cards in most stores (FNAC, tobacco stands, supermarkets, etc.). Note that you can get a prepaid phone for as little as 40 Euros. Make sure you carry your identification documents when going to get one. 

Mobile Phone Service Contracts in Ireland 

Most providers ask for your passport or ID card before you can sign a contract. It’s an affordable option because of the lower calling rates and cheaper phone deals. The catch however, is that you have a pre-set date for making payment. Terminating or ending your contract in Ireland is easy. However, providers charge a fee for premature contract termination. 

The contract period will depend on your provider. In most cases Vodafone contracts last 12 months, while O2 and Meteor have 12 and 18-month contracts. Three is the only provider that offers just 18-month contracts. Note that longer contracts have lucrative rates and phone deals. You should also get a local bank account to make your payments easier and more secure.