To many, Finland is this fairy tale country where everyone is just happy, winters get extremely cold and neighboring Russia among many things. Oh yes! The Finnish Lapland provides a good place for viewing the Northern lights. But these only represent snippets about the country which explains why visiting or moving to live there could be a good decision.

For those interested in taking a vacation in Finland, a couple of things need to be at the fingertips. It’s fine to just throw yourself into a blind visit with no particular ideas about where exactly to go or what information matters. But with proper prior information, you easily get to enjoy a short stay in Finland just as one would if living in the country. 

Let\s get down to try and discover Finland for you. We definitely don’t get exhaustive with everything about Sweden but cover some good ground for you to get going.

Discover Finland and enjoy its uniqueness

Who would not love to live and visit a country that ranks as happiest globally? Finland is one country that research shows that workers have a good work-life balance and schooling for children is very enjoyable. Let alone the beautiful scenery, attractions and landscapes that make the country a true gem.

If you are lucky to visit a couple of cities in Finland; let’s say Helsinki, Turku, Tempere or Oulu, a lot of exciting history lies in the museums, buildings and the coastlines. The good news about Finland is that whoever sets off to visit can’t claim to be completely blind about the country. If it’s not about the happiness that the country is not for then it’s the popular tag name,Land of a Thousand Lakes.”
 Finland provides the visitors with a place in which amazing wilderness meets modernity. Besides, it has a rich history, amazing forests, and great cities. Basically, anyone who goes there will find something to love and an activity to enjoy. 

Finland’s natural beauty

With over 180,000 lakes, coastline, and forests, Finland is where most naturalists or nature lovers would love to spend the rest of their lives. If not that other factors such as work are involved, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers would want to live and retire in Finland as they enjoy everything from it. This is because the environment offers opportunities to engage in wildlife spotting. The other activities that one may carry out in Finland are fishing and hiking. 

As someone moving or visiting Finland, you may explore national parks such as Lemmenjoki and Nuuksio. Moreover, you can take a journey to Lapland. There, you will witness the amazing Northern Lights as they dance across the sky. The country also boasts of having some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They include Åland Islands as well as rock formations of the Kvarken Archipelago. 

Melting pot of culture and heritage

The nation’s cultural heritage is diverse just like its landscapes. The citizens take so much pride in their cultural traditions. This is reflected in its music and literature to the festivals as well as cuisine. One of the cultures that they exported, and love is saunas. 

 At the Finnish saunas, the Finnish are able to unwind, relax and get spiritual and physical cleansing. As a visitor, you can try taking a traditional sauna bath and after that take a refreshing dip in an icy river or a lake. 

As I said before, the Finns love arts and music. The nation has produced some of the best composers in the world. One of them is Jean Sibelius. His symphonies are loved across the globe. Helsinki, the capital, has galleries and museums. They showcase everything concerning art including archaeological treasures as well as ancient artifacts. 

Finland’s current society and innovation

With about 5.6 million population, Finland is a reputable global leader in technology and innovation. It is the home of some of the top world innovative firms. Did you know that it is the home where Nokia is established? The other top innovations include Rovio Entertainment as well as the Angry Birds franchise. 

Furthermore, the country is highly committed to social welfare and education. This has played a great role in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation culture. The country’s education is among the best in the world. 

Finnish education has emphasized lifelong learning, critical thinking as well as creativity. Besides, the fact that they have a social welfare system means that the residents have access to social services, education, and healthcare. Thus, a high-quality life for all the residents. 

Interesting things about Finland 

The Finns love their weather and especially winter. They really enjoy the winter season! Even if it is -20 degrees, they will still go out to make the best out of it. They do not go about hibernating till the cold season is over. Some of the activities that they do carry out include snowmobiling, skiing, as well as admiring the pristine views. 

Just like the other Scandinavian countries like Denmark, the Finns drink a lot of coffee. An average Finn drinks about 26 pounds of coffee in a year. A lot of it is from roasted filter coffee. The taste of that coffee is sweet. Maybe that is why most of them prefer it to the other types of coffee. 

Furthermore, Finns do not like hugging. If you are a person who comes from a country with fuzzy and warm people, then sorry you may not enjoy it so much. It is not that the Finns are not nice, it is only that they do not like hugging. They are generous, helpful, and so kind. Some people have made fun of them that they do have a cup of coffee in their hands always in order to prevent them from hugging. Hahaha!

Nature is everything to the Finns. Since most parts of the country is surrounded by rivers, lakes, and trees, the Finns enjoy engaging in outdoor activities. They enjoy being outside as well as exploring the different natural treasures that they have. 

Ways you can use to Move to Finland 

So many people may long to completely change residence and make Finland their new home. While the citizens of an EU country may easily navigate and start living in the country, third country nationals have to contend with lots of regulations.

You may see the requirements of EU citizens to reside in Finland here. The main one is that the EU doesn’t need a residence permit to live in Finland. Two, those planning to live in the country for over 3 months need to register their right of residence in Finland. That pretty sums it up.

On the other hand, if you come from outside the EU and need to go through the laborious process of procuring a residence permit in Finland, the journey surely may be long. S to clear the path and inch closer to actualizing your dream of relocating to start life in Finland, be sure to know ways to use and work in that line. 

Unlike countries such as the USA where people have so many avenues to use to relocate, Finland has very few and strict pathways for third country nationals. So always be on the loop on what option actually favors your relocation. Of course this covers only long term residence permits in Finland. For short visits, check Finland tourist visa requirements.

Whether the plan to move is related to studies, work, or even family reunification. Below are some of the ways you can move to Finland. Before going, remember to take some insurance policies related to travel. To read more about insurance, click here

Work Related move to Finland

Did you know that you can move to Finland as a skilled worker?  As a skilled worker in areas such as research, healthcare, and IT specialists. Your Finnish employer can sponsor your application, and this will help you to get a residence permit. 

Furthermore, there is a possibility of going to Finland as a seasonal worker. It is meant for areas such as forestry, agriculture, and tourism. However, for this kind of employment, you will need to get some specific permit. 

Study in Finland 

As an international student, you can pursue doctoral, graduate as well as undergraduate courses. There are a number of courses offered in English.  You can be lucky to find a scholarship if you are eligible. The intakes are usually in February and in September.

Some courses are also offered in English. If a course you want is not in English then you can study Finnish first then take it. There are some marketable courses in Finland including Engineering, Mathematics, and nursing.  

Apart from joining as a full-time student, you can join as an exchange program student. With this program, you can study in Finland for a certain period of time. This will enable you to learn Finnish culture as well as traditions. 

Family reunification to a residence of Finland

The Finnish residents as well as citizens can make applications for family reunification. This happens mostly for those who meet their lovebirds on dating sites, marry and decide to live together in Finland. So the Finnish spouse or someone with Finnish citizenship may follow the family reunification rules or the EU marriage rules to bring over the foreign spouse.  However, remember that there are some requirements that you may need to fulfill. They include relationship validity, accommodation, as well as income. 

Moreover, if you have a child outside Finland, you can bring them to stay with you in Finland. Just like for a partner or spouse, the application process entails meeting some specific requirements. For instance, you need to show that you can financially take care of the baby, parental custody, and if the child is truly yours. 

EU/EEA Citizens and Residence Permits

As a citizen from EU/EEA nations and Switzerland you can stay, work, and visit Finland for up to six hours without a residence permit. After six months, you will need to make an official application. You can be allowed to continue staying if you have proof of funds or got a job in Finland. On the other hand, as a non-EU, you will need a residence permit to be able to stay in Finland. 

Special Programs to move to Finland

There are some special programs that allow non-EU and EU citizens to go to Finland. They include an Au pair and a working holiday visa. The Au pair program entails living in a Finnish host where you will learn their culture and traditions. In return, you can help the host family with household tasks and childcare. Besides, the working holiday visa allows individuals from certain countries to work and explore Finland.  

Asylum and Refugee Resettlement in Finland

The people fleeing violence, war, or persecution can seek asylum in Finland. The process entails making an application, attending interviews, and waiting for an answer. The aim of all this process is to ensure that one is eligible for getting protection under the international refugee law. The nation does take part in the international refugee resettlement programs. 

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