Dating in Belgium

Dating in Belgium

Dating in Belgium is something that someone planning to travel to the country or is already there must really consider. You will be obviously very anxious and curios when visiting a country which is the seat of the NATO and EU commission. But in a couple of days after arriving in the country, the curiosity fades away and then comes the urge for love.

It’s not just possible to mind your business in Belgium  when everyone else  seems to be cosy walking past you holding their partners’ hands affectionately.  Like most of Europe, life never gets easy without having a person in the name of partner with whom to share the everyday experiences. Here we offer some ten cents on how to navigate the challenging yet necessary path of dating in Belgium.

Anxiety and questions about dating in Belgium

Being anxious and a little worried about dating in Belgium is a common thing for many who visit the country. There are these mixed emotions that don’t seem to settle when it comes to opening oneself to a person from an entirely different socialization. But take it or leave it, after battling all manner of competing emotions, you will have to decide. Your guess is as good as mine on how you will decide on dating-try out a relationship.

Truth be told, so many people around the globe consider dating to be a challenging experience. So, it is not strange that you are worried at one moment, confused at the other and almost deciding finally. All the same, you can take comfort in knowing it is just not just you who is facing this.

The discomfort with dating in Belgium gets even more when you are dating someone from a different culture from yours and have to learn everything from scratch. Mind you, this partner is not some child that can be changed overnight. It means you will have to compromise a lot of times, learn each other all the time and try to move along even if grudgingly.

As a first point of information, it makes a lot of sense to know that dating in Belgium is not simply about taking someone out on coffee  or dinner; dates. It comes in different ways including just having short evening walks together, strolling your pet dog, watching movies together or just going to a movie theater with each other.

How to meet a  love partner in Belgium

There is no strict and sure approach to use as a way of meeting your possible partner in Belgium. But to make it a little easier for a starter in Belgium, we here give some tested and proven approaches that people use to have a first interaction with their partners who may even turn up to be their spouses.

1.     Get your partner online in Belgium

Getting your date in Belgium requires you to go an extra mile and use the internet as an enabler. You will understand that as a newcomer in Belgium, you do not already have a way to meet people one on one. Imagine working against culture shock and a new environment yet still trying a way to meet people in person. It isn’t so easy. So, go digital.

The internet is a true and trusted partner your attempts at getting your lover in Belgium. You can join groups online and check out dating apps and other online options. As much as online search for dates in Belgium is rewarding, you have to apply your sense of judgement and be very careful with the online options. To pinch your ear a little, know it that people are not always what they put out online.

Some of the Online dating apps you can try out in Belgium include Bumble, Meetic, Turn up, and Badoo; check which one will offer you what you are all looking for in a partner.

2.     Find your dates at social events

Join meet ups groups around the area and offer your help in volunteering opportunities. Joining these groups is an excellent way to meet people in your area and get a good look at them. If you are a person that considers people’s physical appearance before dating them, is this a way good option for you? You might get lucky if those meetup groups are for single people looking for partners.

You can meet people when someone introduces you to them. Your workmates or flat mates can introduce you to their friends, and if you feel an attraction to those people, it is advisable to suggest a meetup later. Many people consider it polite if you initiate the date for a later time instead of immediately to give the other person space to be ready.

3.  Find love at work in Belgium

Getting your lover at the workplace in Belgium is considerably one of common avenues of thrashing oneself into the exciting and sometimes challenging world of dating. As is always the case with many people, it takes a lot of courage to make the first move to propose love to a workmate. However, in Belgium, people always work in small teams and high paced projects which offers good ground for developing a working friendship.

Over a period of working in teams in Belgium, you can identify your target, charm him or her and that’s it-you get your lover just like that. Having worked together, you have possible learned what  intrigues him or her and so it becomes easier to get along. A downside to getting a lover at work in Belgium is that it may reduce your productivity as it becomes difficult to draw the line. Be on the watch out for the unintended effects of workplace love in Belgium because your boss may just get fed up and dismiss you.

4.  Become lovebirds with a colleague  student in Belgium

As a student in any of the universities in Belgium, you get to experience new people from all parts of the world. With this multitude of people, it may be very easy to get attracted to and affectionate about a colleague student. Because you two are both at the ripe of your age, everyone is excited to try out a new relationship. Whether its sheer curiosity, lust or adventure, students have a high chance of dating in Belgium.

Exposing yourself to dating a student in Belgium is that it may not be something serious. In most cases, young people in Belgium believe that it’s not fashionable to settle in a marriage so early. So, it’s important to play your cards smartly in this case.

Secret Things You Didn’t Know about Dating Etiquette in Belgium


Belgium people are good timekeepers, and if you plan to go on a date with someone in this area, you better not be late. If you are going out on a date and you keep your partner waiting, it is considered to be rude.

Hate for mind games

They prefer a straightforward person and don’t like playing games, especially on the dating topic. You should be aware not to lead someone on if you are generally not interested in a relationship. If they are not interested in you; you can be sure to know it from them immediately.

Personal presentation

If you get the chance to go out on a date with a Belgium, it will be wise to make an extra effort to look good because they value presentation so much. Most Belgium people are known to be well mannered, so don’t be afraid to approach someone for a casual conversation anytime. You should also be careful with how you carry yourself during a date because it will make a big impression on them, even if it and s a small thing like using your phone on a date. I hope we are all aware that first impressions go a long way.

Paying the bill

Like many women in Europe, Belgium women prefer to split the check when they go out for drinks and meals, showing their independence. This culture might be something not so many people are used to, primarily if you are used to the fact that men pay all the bills during a date. If you are a girl going out on a date with a Belgium man, don’t be surprised if he suggests this because it is what they are used to, so always remember to carry your cash just in case. The Belgium women appreciate the act of chivalry, so you should make an effort to bring along with you something like a small gift or flowers when going on a date.

Family in dating

When your Belgium partner introduces you his family, there are basic things you should know-the magical and lovely kiss.  You are required to kiss the parents three times on the cheeks as a way to say hello and goodbye. Belgium is a beautiful region with beautiful people. I hope this article is helpful to you, and good luck finding love here. Do not hesitate to use the following information to go out there are find your partner, who knows, maybe this is where your soulmate is.