Electricity and Heating in Belgium

Belgium is a favourite destination for many foreigners making up 14% of the population. Most people are drawn to it due to its affordable healthcare, high quality education and rich culture. Moreover, Belgians are among the friendliest people in the world. So you can expect to have a blast in Belgium for the most part.  … Read more

Payday loan in Belgium

Belgium is no doubt a beautiful country that plays host to so many people from across the world. The beauty of Brussels, the controversial legacy of King Leopold and many more are something to look up to. Amidst these exciting tales of Belgium, becoming cash strapped or simply overrunning your budget is not a strange … Read more

Making an Internet Subscription in Belgium

Belgium has so much to offer for visitors, immigrants and just anybody who cares to visit the country. In the eyes of some, especially Africans, Belgium has had a chequered history especially the atrocities committed by Leopold II over the DRC. Be that history as it may, so many Congolese, Africans, Americans, Europeans and people … Read more

Mobile phone subscription in Belgium

You are arriving in Belgium for the first time from whichever country of the world, so many odds must be overcome from language barrier, culture shock, new environment, struggle to belong and many more. While we agree that Belgium is generally welcoming to foreigners and do everything to make them feel at home, this may … Read more

Insurance in Belgium

Insurance in Belgium gives you the necessary security against any possible financial losses in case something happens to you. At this point, you probably have a longing to visit the cities of Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent all for which Belgium is known. Maybe you are already living in one of these beautiful Belgian cities and … Read more