Mobile Subscription in Czech Republic

Mobile Subscription in Czech Republic

The use of mobile phones keeps increasing with every single day. Bet you me, today there is no greater heartbreak than inability to access the internet, mobile phone going off in the middle of the day, or forgetting to carry your phone along on a journey. If you doubt how much mobile phones have become a darling of us all, try a social experiment and see it.

This day and age, you cannot make a single step without meeting someone with a phone in their hand or next to the ear making a call or receiving one. This is to show you that mobile phones have become as commonplace. We cannot do without them.

Mobile phones have become key in our lives today

As the use of mobile phones rises, the telecommunication network keeps on advancing to keep up with the growing demand. When in the Czech Republic just like in the United Kingdom, you will need access to telecommunication. Keeping in touch with work or dear ones requires the use of a mobile phone. The Czech Republic has not been left behind in improving its telecommunications network.

To feel at home in the Czech Republic requires you to have a local SIM card so set up a Czech mobile number. There are a variety of phone providers to choose from meaning you are not limited to just one. It can be quite challenging to know which company to choose due to the various options. What should be of help is to ensure you choose a provider that suits your needs.

Getting a Czech Republic SIM Card

A SIM card is extremely crucial because without it you cannot be in service. You will be required to have a SIM card while in the Czech Republic just like in other European Union countries. You will be surprised at how quick it is to get a Czech Republic SIM card. The process is quite easy and does not involve a lot of paperwork.

To get a Czech Republic SIM card, visit any mobile phone operator. Once there, a few requirements will be asked of you and within no time your SIM card will be ready. You can opt to get a card at the operator or purchase from supermarkets or newspaper vendors. The good news is some phone operators allow you to get a SIM card online. You can place an order and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

When you purchase a SIM Card as a visitor, you can return it when you are leaving the country. This is optional especially if you feel you will not visit the country again. Whilst your trip to the Czech Republic may be unforgettable, visit prepaid SIM card shops as you leave, return the card and you will be given a farewell present.

Mobile Service Providers in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s mobile subscription market has three major operators. Vodafone Group, Telefonica O2, and U:fon lead as the mobile service providers. These three not only provide prepaid SIM card plans but also contract tariff plans. A prepaid phone card works for those who are not interested in a long-term contract.

Apart from the major mobile service providers in the Czech Republic, you will also have the liberty of choosing from other smaller mobile operators. They include OpenCall, COOP mobile, SAZKA mobile, Kaktus, TESCO mobile,, and These operators mainly deal with prepaid SIM cards but with your preferred choice of the tariff plan.

When you are getting a prepaid card, your registration is not required. This plan comes with service rates that are a bit high. Contract tariffs on the other hand require your personal registration. A prepaid card comes with a validity period that is determined by your usage. In case you want increased validity, all you have to do is top up the credit balance.

Best Mobile Operator for a Visitor to the Czech Republic

If you are still deciding whether or not to go for a vacation in the Czech Republic, you should go. It is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries to visit. Located right in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is popular for its rich beer history. Besides that, it has stunning historical sites to visit and its capital city Prague is quite a sight to behold.

Whilst in the Czech Republic you will need to be in constant touch with your loved ones. This calls for a mobile operator to ensure you are on service. Vodafone has been highly recommended as the ideal operator for any visitor to the Czech Republic. Prepaid cards from O2 are however preferred because they come at a low cost. Their plans are few enabling you to make unlimited calls. What stands out about telecommunication in the Czech Republic is you can top up your credit straight to your SIM card regardless of your location.

Considerations for Mobile Operators in the Czech Republic

Communication on mobile requires a flawless connection just as internet subscription. The first thing you should consider when choosing a mobile in the Czech Republic is strong coverage. With that, you will be assured that you will not lose service at any one time.

Some mobile operators come with exorbitant prices. Go for an operator who is affordable yet offers quality service. Check out mobile operators with amazing deals and take advantage of them.

Are there charges accruing from your mobile operator? This is an important question to check on to ensure you are not overbilled. Anytime you are using your line to make calls or texts there could be other unknown charges directed to your plan. Ask and get to know if there are extra charges that you need to be aware of.

Mobile contracts come in varying lengths. The normal period is between 12 to 24 months but with an activation fee. In as much as the activation fee is one-time, some companies may require that you activate each year. Hence, before signing a contract with your preferred company of choice, read the fine print keenly.