Internet Subscription in Czech Republic

Internet Subscription in Czech Republic

You probably already know so much about Czech Republic including playing host to 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites frequented by so many visiting the country. Actually, Czech republic has enough for everyone coming. But, there can never be a more exciting topic to spend much time on than knowing what internet services in Czech republic looks like.

As a foreigner who has just landed in Czech Republic, you will unquestionably have to seek certain essential services such as telecommunications; whether for research, work or communication with the family back home. Czech Republic territory boasts a highly developed telecommunication systems that involves a number of service providers.

In fact, you can simply purchase and access internet subscription at affordable rates. Because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Czech Republic have quite pocket-friendly subscription plans, ensure to go for the best, specifically that which suits the level of your needs and budget.

It is also important to bear in mind that the broadband technology in Czech Republic is available and widespread throughout the country. This means that you should be able to initiate your internet connections without any technicalities wherever you are.

Service Providers in Czech Republic

There exists a large range of the ISPs in Czech Republic. Most of these have been modernized with extremely high-speed connections.

As such, they have become highly widespread throughout the country. Your decision on the kind of connection you want should be determined mainly by two major factors; Firstly by the amount you would wish to spend and secondly, where you want to utilize the internet. 

As such, you can choose your packages without any major restrictions from the service providers who include T-Mobile, O2, COOP Mobil,, Tesco Mobile, Oskarta, Vodafone and BLESKmobil

Getting Online in Czech

Fixed Broadband

There are several ways you can use to get online in Czech Republic. The use of a fixed broadband is the most popular and best way to get a high-speed internet connection. In Czech, this is possible through Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). This program will enable you connect to ADSL with a number of ISPs operating in Czech. Some of the popular people’s choices include the Telefonica O2 among others. All you need is a regular phone connection, which is also provided by Telefonica.

Before your connection is initiated, you must install a landline because many of these services come as a package. You will need to sign and commit yourself to a 2-year contract as the selected service provider will supply and install all the equipment either at a small fee or no charges at all.

However, it is important to recognise that not all parts of Czech Republic are covered and supplied with ADSL. This is a challenge that exists even in some parts of Prague. In the cases where the ADSL is unavailable, your immediate bet is to opt for a high-speed wireless connection. In fact, this type of connection is offered by a large range of mobile operators which include T-Mobile and Vodafone. 

Mobile Broadband

It is also possible to access internet services through your mobile connections. Companies such as Telefonica, O2, T-Mobile and Ufon will enable you enjoy the unlimited connections depending on the packages you have selected. If you a planning to stay in the country for a short duration and unwilling to make a long-term commitment in contract, then securing a prepaid sim card would be the best option for you.

The prepaid sim card in Czech are readily available and costs somewhere between CZK 200 and CZK 500. As such, you will only be bound by a 2-year contract but will be able to enjoy a wide range of services and special offers, free minutes and airtime, as well as the extra airtime. The sim cards can be purchased from your preferred provider’s shop, or any authorized provider’s dealers found across the country. Below is package offered by some of the ISPs operating in Czech Republic.

Internet Connection Prices in Czech Republic

T-Mobile Packages

The T-Mobile is one of the major internet service providers in Czech Republic. If you are planning to use its internet services, you can choose from the following data packages:

1-day Package-This will allow you get and access unlimited data of 3mps at a price of 99czk. In this case, the activation code is NIDEN A.

Weekly Package-In this case, you will need to pay 68czk to secure a 150MB, and the activation code is ITYDEN A.

Monthly Package –The monthly data subscription will enable you get different types of packages depending on how much you are willing to spend. These include:  

400MBs, which you can easily buy at a price of 99czk and can be activated using the code MESIC 400A.

1GB, 2GB and 4GB data plans which costs 199czk, 299czk, and 399czk respectively. These three packages can be activated using the codes IMESIC1 A, IMESIC2 A, and IMESIC4 A.

It is important to recognise that you will need to spend 499czk and 599czk if you would like to spent 5GB and 10GB respectively, in which case you will use the IMESIC5 A and IMESIC10 A to activate them in that order.

Vodafone Data Packages

If you are thinking of choosing data from another service provider, then think about Vodafone. Ideally, the company provides 100MB data at a fairly low price of 49czk and is activated through self-service.

You will also have to dig slightly deeper into your pocket if you want to get a 500MB data. As such, you will pay 99czk for this package and activate it using the code DATA 99.

Advisably, you can also get a 1.2GB data at an affordable price of 199czk. Here, you will use the activation code DATA 199 and the package include an entitlement to unlimited SMS.

Wireless Connections in Czech Republic

Alternatively, a cable internet access can be a solution for you if ADSL is unavailable in your area. You do not need much hardware for this as the cable modem that is connected or hooked to TV cable is enough for you to go. Interestingly, the connection is similar to ADSL in terms of the speed. However, it is still uncommon in the Czech Republic as it is only offered by the UPC only.

Internet Cafes in Czech Republic

There are a number of Internet Cafes available for people who want to access webs for whatever reasons. Ideally, the Internet Cafes are extremely fast and are charged on an hourly rate. However, it is always important to keep some sensitive data and information such as bank accounts and passwords from these types of connections as your personal data can be copied and hacked.

In any case you have a prepaid internet package with your service provider and you’re a citizen of European Union, it is still possible to use it even in the Czech Republic. A number of big cities such as the Brno, Plezen, Ostrava, and Prague are all covered with high speed networks.

In the recent times, the European Union regulations have begun to restrict the services provides from applying extra charges while your phone is on roaming for text messages and data. This means that you will only be subjected to charges same to the one you would have paid while at home.