Insurance in Denmark

Insurance in Denmark

In Denmark, any type of insurance is important as they offer security due to the fear of sudden loss. Additionally, insurance makes it easy for individuals who are working and driving to carry out their daily activities without fear. They do not have to worry about what may happen in the future if the risks are already insured. Also, taking insurance is a way of spreading risk and encouraging savings. The main insurance covers in Denmark are health, unemployment, pet, travel, home, and others.

Health Insurance Denmark

Denmark has one of the best insurance policies across the globe. All citizens enjoy free, equal, and universal health services. As well, child healthcare is mainly organised into tertiary, secondary, and primary healthcare systems. Denmark’s taxes fund the health care sector. Thus, due to the high-quality healthcare in the nation, there is increased life expectancy.

The yellow health card or sundhedskort entitles people to medical treatment in the nation. The card shows one’s name, address of the doctor, CPR, name, and address. Although health is free in Denmark, one may opt to take private insurance coverage. The benefits of that type of insurance include exclusive practitioners, doctors, as well as other medical professionals.

The following can make a claim for public health insurance

  • People living in Denmark temporarily
  • Individuals covered under Denmark health insurance based on EU rules
  • Denmark residents

Unemployment Insurance

Denmark has about 22 unemployment insurance funds. Despite A-kasse, also known as Danish unemployment insurance funds being private non-profit institutions, the state supports them. Moreover, before getting the benefits, one should be a member for about 1 year before getting dagpenge (unemployment benefits).

The a-kasse fee is from 400 to 500 monthly, and it is deductible. The requirement for the full-time members is at least DKK 243,9996 and DKK 162,660 for the part-time members in the past three years. Other important conditions include:

  • Have Denmark residence
  • Fulfill the requirement of employment
  • Meet the availability requirement
  • Been a member of a known unemployment insurance fund for about 1 year
  • Register at the jobcentre
  • Seek all the available jobs actively
  • Undertake work even in one day’s notice

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a requirement for every car owner in Denmark. All the cars have to be covered with third-party insurance. The main aim of this kind of insurance is to cover damages and injuries caused to other people as well as their car. The third-party liability is ansvarsforsikring while the comprehensive insurance is kascoforsikring.

Kascoforsikring covers loss or damage to the vehicle, and it is optional. The additional coverage is mainly beneficial to individuals whose cars are in good condition. An app,, can be used in comparing the different car insurance quotes to get the best prices in the market. The 7 main factors affecting insurance rate are age, type of car, seniority, excess, prior accidents, place of residence, and the miles driven annually.

The car insurance premium varies from one company to the other. Furthermore, the following information should be provided when making a claim or in case of an accident:

  • Scene photos
  • Details of the involved vehicles such as model and make
  • Insurance details of all involved drivers
  • Names as well as addresses of drivers involved in the accident
  • Driving license number
  • The number plates of involved vehicles

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers liability caused by the family members of the insured, their own belongings, or both. This type of insurance offers a safe environment for one’s family so that there are no worries about finances in case of an issue. Some of the problems that home insurance covers include damage, theft, and loss of home possessions or personal belongings.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is important as the future is unknown. Thus, it helps one’s family financially. Even when one is in good health, it is important to think about the family in case of death. Some of the benefits that one may get by taking this type of insurance coverage include life risk cover, assured income benefits, tax benefits, return on investment, and death benefits.

Travel Insurance

Many people in Denmark are usually adamant about taking travel insurance. They do believe that the EU health insurance and public health insurance offer full cover when traveling abroad. Unfortunately, this is false as the two only cover Eu and Denmark respectively to a certain extent. Therefore, it is important to take travel insurance when visiting the rest of the world.

Pet Insurance

Owning a pet, for instance, a dog requires one to have a pet insurance policy. The insurance policy differs depending on one’s needs. However, some of the things covered include prescribed medication, rehabilitation, operation as well as cancer treatment, illness, accident, and statutory dog liability.

Insurance companies offer a cheaper way for pet owners to easily budget pet care costs. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, pet insurance gives one the chance of picking a veterinarian and no discrimination against age or breed of pet. Also, it prevents a pet owner from dipping in the emergency fund of the family in case of an issue, as well as delivering peace of mind.

Personal Accident Insurance

The insurance covers one when he or she becomes disabled. Also, in some cases, it covers dental treatments, death, and injuries. The policy comes in the form of lump-sum reimbursement or pay-out basis. Moreover, some of the insurance firms offer additional benefits. For instance, daily allowance when hospitalized, global accident coverage, and whole family coverage in just one plan.

Popular insurance companies in Denmark

  • Agria Dyreforsikring
  • Brand
  • Dansk Boligforsikring
  • DFA ForsikringsAgentur ApS
  • Europæiske Rejseforsikring
  • GF Forsikring
  • If Skadeforsikring
  • Mølholm Forsikring
  • Nordjylland Forsikring
  • Skandia
  • SOS International
  • Topdanmark Forsikring