Electricity and Heating in France

Electricity and Heating in France

People who have had a rare and coveted chance to visit France always carry with them great memories of French culture. If by chance Winter finds you in France, the memories will never miss a thing about the chilling temperatures. Most people in France drink much coffee to keep warmer and active but that may not be enough remedy. Should it happen that you have a friend, dating partner or relative who can comb you about clothing in France, you better match that with the season. It can get really cold there. No wonder as a remedy, houses in France have heating systems fitted and connected to the district heating systems. Sometimes the installed heating may not be enough and people resort to use extra heating options including wood fuel and electronic appliances. Supplementing district heating with other options could also a good way to cut down on costs-if it proves as such.

Just to take focus away from the weather in France for a bit, the country is a melting pot of fun places. You will enjoy nature, culture, history and contemporary realities worth noting. It is not even a must that you master the exact spots to visit in France. With a reliable mobile phone subscription, you can just places to visit near me and so many results of amazing place will show up. Amidst the urge to document such experiences in France, you will be hit by a shock of piercing temperatures. 

Winter cold in France can be extreme in some parts

Most of the countries in the EU experience periodic seasons of climate change and on most occasions can be very cold. This is also true for France noting that the southern part of France can be extremely cold and winter can be worse. Unless you are planning to visit only for a few days otherwise you should make considerations for a central heating source. 

For some people, air conditioning, heating and some satisfying level of lighting could appear to be a luxury. But while in France, consider a proper source of heating and electricity as a very important element of your necessities. Keeping warm especially in the extreme cold weather and having a proper source for lighting is a key priority for most French.

But first let us consider looking into what comprises the production of heating and electricity in France. All these boil down to one key factor called energy supply.

Energy supply in France for electricity and heating

The whole world is presently concerned with climate change issues and the goal is to move towards a green economy. Well, France has done extreme excellence on this. As per the records released by the International Energy Agency, France has an historic generation of extremely low carbon dioxide emissions. Compared to the other G7 economies France has stood out. 

France has maintained a high resilience on nuclear energy. Even at such, energy in France is mainly from five primary sources which are coal, liquid fuels, natural gas, nuclear power and renewables. By 2020, 78% of electricity generation was from mainly nuclear powers with renewable sources only making it to 19.1%. Actually, France accounts for the largest share of nuclear electricity globally. This tells something about the country’s energy security and reliability. France too enjoys the benefits of being among the world’s biggest net exporters of electricity. At the same time, France is exceedingly investing more on renewable energy with a set target of 32% aiming at 2030.

However, in 2021, the International Energy Agency warned that France was not doing enough towards meeting its share of climate and energy goals. The country got called out for its high reliance on fossil fuel that lead to increased carbon emissions in a world battling climate change. So, a lot needs to be done to work tirelessly towards achieving the 32% target by 2030.

Homes and house heating in France

There are various heating systems in the world. The UK and the US have either gas or electric central-heating systems in homes and residentials. France however, offers its residents numerous heating options for your home. No matter your type of home, you will commonly find at least one form of heating available. The heating methods include gas or oil boiler, wood burning fires, or electric heaters .

As of 2021, France has discouraged the newly created homes and buildings from adopting the old dirty forms of heating sources. An environmentally conscious person can find comfort in the fact that now, France is speeding towards green heating and electricity. Currently, houses have a chance to adopt heating from friendlier sources like biomass, heat pumps or solar heating. Nonetheless, the central heating system may still be made available. Notably, all efforts currently go to the more environment friendly and ecological heating methods in France. 

Green Heating/ Renewable Energy Options for France

Property builders and investors in France have henceforth made environmental concerns their top agenda. Heating particularly makes at least 75% of energy consumption for an average home in France. Hence, the choice for the most ecological, sustainable, and efficient heating option is a priority for all. 

Taking an example of heat pumps, biomass, and solar heating makes up the most appropriate available solutions. All new buildings being currently erected in France are now taking up any of the readily available options. And for those looking forward to replacing their heating system to a more ecological source, they are qualified for a grant. 

Electricity for your home in France

The electricity sector in France also mainly operates from nuclear power which accounts for 70% of total production as at 2016. Renewable energy and fossil fuels only take up to 17.8 % and 8.6% respectively. For sure France records the highest share of nuclear electricity globally apart from being one of the biggest exporters of electricity.

However, according to the renewable experts, studies have revealed that electrification is the way to go in order to reduce emissions. The demand for electricity in France rises mainly during winter thus the widespread use of electric heating in France. The increased consumption of electricity in France has something to do with the increased use of electric heaters. This is a clear indication of a drive towards green heating.

Electric heaters in France

Electric heaters have become the order of the day for France. However, the tackle towards climate change in France is proving to be a complex venture. But the simple rule of thumb is to start by electrifying everything. Replacing technologies that still produce combustion into the environment with alternatives that run on electricity is a better option for France. 

However, as much as electrifying everything is a better option for France, the economy must now be ready to cater for increased electricity costs. This is evident from the increase in the consumption of electricity during winter which rose to 50% more than usual. Much said and done, it all rolls down to renewable energy production.