Mobile Subscription in Republic of Cyprus

Mobile Subscription in Republic of Cyprus

The Republic of Cyrus is one of the most popular European countries for its wines. It is also known for pleasant warm weather. If you want to enjoy the sunshine as you bask on the beach, Cyprus is the place to be. However, all these would mean nothing if efficient communication was not at play. With the emergence of mobile phones, it is only fair that such a beautiful country invests in exceptional mobile phone telecommunication just as in Slovenia.

Remember how your heart skips when you realize you have misplaced your phone or it is not in your pocket? That’s the same feeling you get when you have a phone but you cannot communicate because of poor network coverage. The best part is the Republic of Cyprus has invested in the mobile subscription so that its citizens enjoy flawless communication. This has led to an increase in consumer confidence thanks to effective cellular technology.

Mobile Services in the Republic of Cyprus

In this day and age, a mobile phone is a must-have if you really want to stay in touch. You need to be connected so as to communicate with other people. For you to stay connected, you require a carrier service. In Cyprus, there are various carrier service options you can consider depending on your preference and needs. They include: –

  • Pay-as-you-go SIM card – Basically, this is a prepaid SIM card that you can purchase for not more than €15. You will love this SIM card for it comes loaded with not only some airtime but also text messages. To top up your balance, you need to buy a credit voucher online or from selected shops available on the island.
  • Contract – This carrier service works best with heavy mobile phone users. You need to be connected to the service for €20. Once you are connected, you will have several plans to choose from. In a month, it will cost you around €20 from using this carrier service. That can change from month to month depending on your usage and the plan you have.

Before choosing your preferred carrier service, ensure that it offers total coverage where you are. Due to the considerable mountains on the island, network coverage can be a bit weak. That is why the service provider you choose should be able to deliver to ensure you enjoy an outstanding communication experience.   

Mobile Service Operators in the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus is without a doubt a modern European county. As such, it has done its best to stand out in the mobile service provider industry. CYTA is the leading mobile service provider in Cyprus mainly because it is owned by the state. The mobile service operator controls the highest percentage in terms of communication.

There are other companies that offer exceptional service even though they don’t seem to pose a threat to CYTA. That means you can find great mobile service providers in Cyprus that also offer remarkable mobile solutions.

The Republic of Cyprus boasts of three major mobile operators which are;

  • Cytamobile (Vodafone Cyprus)
  • Epic Cyprus (formerly MTN Cyprus)
  • PrimeTel Cyprus

In addition, Cyprus has plus a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) whose sole duty is to provide prepaid services called Cablenet. If you want to enjoy mobile services throughout the month and pay monthly, this is the operator to work with. It is convenient and you don’t have to worry running out of talk time.

What to consider when choosing a mobile phone plan in the Republic of Cyprus

Choosing which mobile phone plan to choose can be a daunting task. What should matter the most is a plan that suits your needs. It should be the one that you prefer the most because of its incredible history. Let’s look at some factors you should look into before opting for a cell phone provider plan.


Cost is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a mobile subscription in Republic of Cyprus . Take your time and compare plan costs. The point is to get a good deal at an affordable cost. Look at plan provider options that also come with customized options to suit your needs. 


You need a phone provider that offers a wide network coverage. This will ensure that you always have cell phone service. The best mobile provider should have top-notch coverage meaning everywhere you go you will have service.

Contract length

Does the plan come with a contract length? If so, for how long? These are some of the questions you will be asking to understand the period of the contract. Get to know about the mobile plan contract requirements because they vary from one provider to the other. Some companies of monthly basis services while others give up to a three-year contract. Choose the contract that works best for you without causing any inconvenience.


A company’s reputation is very important. It is a clear indicator of how it is viewed by the public. Never choose a mobile phone plan without looking into the company’s reputation. That is how you will know about its services and what people think about its services. Go for a provider that puts customers first. It should be a company whose reputation is unmatched.


Most cell phone plans come with different data amounts. It is good to compare the data from different providers before making a choice. Consider the data you use every month. From there you will know whether go for an unlimited data plan or not. Make the right choice after comparing various provider plans.