Housing and Renting in France

France is one interesting place to live in just as much as it has a lot of surprising aspects that newcomers will have to keep learning. In France, you get to experience beautiful sceneries and idyllic vineyards. Among the many taking points about France, the French Riviera takes the crown.  From the glamour of the … Read more

Payday Loans in France

Payday loans are popular in France, like in Belgium, where people go for loans in desperate financial crises. With the popularity of payday loans among the young French generation, the loans are nothing new here. Despite drawing a monthly budget to control expenses, scenarios like electricity blackout will never wait for your end month salary. Besides, … Read more

Mobile phone subscription in France

I don’t know about you, but for me the greatest thing about France is the rich culture. As soon as you arrive in Paris, you will notice just how invested the country is in culture and entertainment. From the arts to the local cuisine, Paris will give you one of the richest cultural experiences life … Read more

Insurance in France

Insurance in France is probably one of the things that someone may simply assume as being unnecessary. As expected, when moving to France or already living there, an individuals’s basket of activities is already full. There may be little or no time to spend thinking abut the need to protect yourself against a bad luck. … Read more

Credit Cards in France

Different options, choosing credit cards and the different uses of credit cards and methods of acquiring the cards There are different types of credit cards, also known as “carte de credit”, in France. By 2019 there were nearly 68 million of them in circulation. After the effects of Covid-19, the credit card is now the … Read more