Pope Benedict XVI is buried in his grave at the Vatican Grottoes

The Roman Catholic church has had a sad 2023 new year celebration following the demise of Pope Benedict XVI on December 31, 2022. The Pope astonished the whole world when he publicly announced his resignation on  February 11, 2013 citing lacking in strength and gusto to lead the vast faithful of the Roman Catholic church.  … Read more

Housing and renting in Italy

Moving to Italy is a dream for many people. Once that chance shows up, run with it. Italy is a vibrant country with alluring attractions and breathtaking scenery. Visiting Italy is an introversive experience. You will definitely want to live there for good. Therefore, after deciding to move to Italy, you need to get a … Read more

Payday Loans in Italy

Italy is a country of admiration occupying the peninsula of the Mediterranean Sea. It comprehends a variety of beautiful scenic landscapes on the earth, awarding it the common description of a boot-shaped country. Although Italy has a history of independence and self-sufficiency, residents are still engrossed in urgency for money. Therefore, payday loans in Italy … Read more

Experience of Dating in Italy

Talk of Italy, the country of the Renaissance and home to incredible artists. The country has just so much in stock that keeps people coming as tourists, job seekers, students, researchers and even religious purposes. If you may recall, as much as the Vatican is considered an autonomous state led by the pope, it has … Read more

Insurance in Italy

In Italy insurance is an important part of human life and business. The fear of loss is a constraint on trade and business growth. Insurance is important to the Italian residents as it provides protection in case of a sudden loss such as fire or illness. Also, other forms of insurance such as life insurance … Read more