Mobile phone Subscription in Sweden

Mobile phone Subscription in Sweden

Just like the rest of Scandinavian countries, foreigners arriving in Sweden have mostly considered the country to be where people keep too much to themselves. In fact, so many judgements have been made even to the effect that Swedes come out as extremely cold and highly reserved. Whether such perceptions are true or false, the indisputable truth of the matter is that expats will likely feel solitary at the initial stages. At the moment when you begin to feel homesick and uncomfortable living in Sweden, the best cure is having a mobile phone subscription. In this day and age where people can easily snapchat, video call and feel connected by just a click of a button, having a mobile phone subscriptions makes a lot of sense.

Mobile phone Subscription in Sweden
You need a mobile phone subscription in Sweden; yes you do need it

A short brief about Sweden

Sweden liberalized telecommunication began three years earlier than the USA. It is currently experiencing massive use of phones by adults and children alike. Besides, Swedes are reporting an enormous number of computer literates who are taking most of their time enjoying internet services. In addition, Sweden is extensively incorporating computer trainings in its Educational System.  With such remarkable progress in telephone technology, internationals are safe in Sweden.

Visitors’ arrival into Sweden is expectable, be it for studies, work, or adventure, all the same. Moreover, the regular flow of revelers who love pop music and experience the magnificent natural landscapes is unstoppable. Stepping ground as a newcomer means calling back home to share the new everything in Sweden. With all that, the thought of having mobile subscription in Sweden clicks in your mind instantly.

For the case of internationals, starting a new life is hectic. Also, getting a house and purchasing household commodities is no joke. You will notice high electricity bills since Sweden has no central heating systems like in other countries. However, take it easy because you need a couple weeks to come to terms with the norm.

Mobile Services in Sweden

Just like food, communication has become a primary need. It is nearly impossible to connect with others without a phone. For a visitor, having a phone is the first step to communication. If you are considering international roaming, I bet your bills will surprise you. Therefore, to keep it easy and cheap, go for the local SIM Cards, which come in handy with favorable subscription plans.

With the numerous mobile plans, choosing what fits your requirement could be best. The typical plans for Sweden SIM Cards are a contract and prepaid. If you anticipate a shorter stay, a prepaid SIM card is the choice. Besides, flexibility in topping up and making international calls is equally essential when operating a prepaid SIM card. However, a mobile phone contract is highly recommendable for Sweden residents or visitors planning a more extended stay.

Moreover, your ID or Swedish personal number is compulsory to get a mobile phone contract. Furthermore, the agreement requires lots of paperwork to take down as many details as needed. For visitors, settling for a specific cellular provider is confusing, for they all compete to be the best. To clarify, try to pay for a provider with cheap and more robust network coverage in your area of operation.

Popular Mobile Operators in Sweden

With the numerous cellular providers, choosing one is a daunting task that requires thorough research. Before you place an order for SIM cards, be specific on whether you want a normal or a nano SIM card. Even though getting a SIM card needs many personal details, it is advisable to order the subscription online for affordability.

Below are some of the mobile operators you will come across in Sweden.

  • Haloon
  • Vimla
  • Telenor
  • Ok operator
  • Telia
  • Comviq
  • MVNOs

The use of prepaid cellular plan is so common in Sweden. Moreover, the operators offer connectivity in 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Local SIM cards are readily available in shops and online alike. To top up credit, you can easily use your cash to buy them along the streets within the country. Please note that you cannot use credit cards from other countries because Sweden will block them on arrival.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Provider Plan in Sweden

When choosing a mobile phone provider, there are some factors that you need to consider. They include the provider’s credibility, cost and incentives as well as network coverage.

1. Provider’s Credibility

Research on a company’s reputation before you settle for it would be wise before choosing a mobile subscription provider in Sweden. Besides, a company’s reputation depends on how it handles the customer. Whenever a customer is satisfied, the company is lucky because the reports your customer will give out there is excellent and will spread like wildfire. You will be happy choosing a reputable company that knows best how to offer instant solutions to problems related to their services.

2. Cost and Incentives

People live to save, even if it means a little penny per day. What matters most to a customer is the cost and incentives that a company is yet to offer. The cost of cellular plans varies from one provider to another. Therefore, going for a good deal at an affordable price and favourable incentives to meet your needs is crucial.

3. Network Coverage

 For smooth operation, choosing a plan with solid network coverage in your area of operation is best. You can check for a provider, which offers extensive network coverage at all times to avoid inconveniences.

4. Contract Length

Contract lengths vary from one provider to another. However, it is an important aspect to consider before choosing a mobile subscription provider in Sweden. When others offer a contract length of 1-3 years with lots of details from you, others work monthly. Depending on your stay in Sweden, you can choose a prepaid plan or a lengthy contract.