Internet Subscription in Slovenia

Internet Subscription in Slovenia

Slovenia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, is a country that continues to receive more tourists each year. While in the country you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps. The county is a good place to start a business given its central location in Europe. Besides, you will feel a sudden rush of excitement when you encounter Slovenia’s medieval towns and well preserved castles. 

If you are a wine fanatic, then you will feel at home in this country where wine is slowly becoming part and parcel of the culture. However, you might want to share this experience with friends and family back home.  Besides, since you have recently made new friends in Slovenia, you will need to keep in touch. For this, you need good and reliable internet access. Luckily, Slovenia has a fairly advanced telecommunication system so getting access to the internet shouldn’t be a problem. 

Internet Services in Slovenia

You will be pleased to know that internet usage in Slovenia is widespread. Don’t be surprised to find children as young as 10 years with access to the internet. To get access to any internet services in Slovenia, all you have to do is sign a contract with a provider. The best thing about this is that you have many providers to choose from. 

Similarly, there are many ways to connect to the internet while in this enchanting and pristine country. You can get a fixed internet connection, WIFI, cellular data or prepaid data SIM cards for your internet needs. Your choice will be heavily influenced by how often you use the internet and what you use it for. 

Internet Services Providers in Slovenia

The main internet provider in Slovenia is the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES). ARNES has an advanced internet network in the country with many subscribers and services to much. However, they mainly oversee the .si domain names for educational, research, and cultural groups. 

Other internet providers in the country are T-2, Telekom Slovenije, and Telemach. All the providers offer a wide variety of services to their customers. For example, they give clients access to the internet through modems or wireless connections. They also let you choose whether to take a pay-as-you-go plan for your internet services. 

However, each plan is different from the other so you should understand them before settling on one. For a wireless plan, there is a minimum time requirement that can take between a year and 18 months. 

For a start, I would recommend making use of public WIFI that is available in many cities and larger towns. So, before you get your own connection, you can visit the local library, restaurant or café. If you choose to use the WIFI in hotels, you will be charged hourly or daily so take note. 

Signing a Contract with an Internet Provider in Slovenia

Since you have many options when it comes to internet service providers in Slovenia, it pays to shop around. You should find information on the prices, rates and charges that come with each package offered by a provider. Your best bet is to find one provider for both internet and mobile services. It will save you a lot of money. 

Most providers offer package deals to customers who use them for both services. Also, before you sign any contract, you should read the fine print. Like in many other countries, some providers in Slovenia advertise lower rates but have hidden charges. So, always remember that the devil is in the details. 

Similarly, you should know that your contract will detail your preferred tariff, charges and rates that apply. Most providers will need your personal details. So, include an ID or passport copy in your application. You should also provide proof of residence through a tenant agreement or deed. 

However, these requirements will differ from one provider to another. Also, check if there are any penalties that apply when you terminate your contract or change tariffs. As you continue to stay in Slovenia, your needs might change and you could decide to change tariffs. I would recommend signing contracts with shorter commitment periods. You don’t want to be stuck with a long contract that no longer serves you. 

Paying Internet Service Bills in Slovenia 

Like other utilities, you are responsible for paying your internet service bills. This is why you should go for a provider that offers affordable services. Your costs will depend on the tariff you choose and the connection you have. 

If you go for a prepaid option then all you have to do is top up and buy data as you please. However, if you sign a long-term contract then the services are likely postpaid. This means that you will pay for your usage after an agreed period. 

Most providers in Slovenia expect their subscribers to pay internet bills on a monthly basis. Most plans involve a fixed charge hence, you can organize your budget accordingly. I also recommend this option for those who use the internet a lot. It comes with unlimited internet access so you don’t have to worry about your usage. 

Similarly, most providers have different payment methods depending on your preference. However, bank payments are the safest and easiest. So, you can pay through direct debit. It will ensure that you never forget a payment. Open a local bank account as soon as possible because you will also need to pay for other utilities.