Internet Subscription in Greece

Internet Subscription in Greece

The world has become a global village and each day people move in-out of Greece like never before. So many have found job opportunities in Greek, others study there while still more have established businesses. With all these great interactions, travels and immigration to Greece comes the important question of internet access. So much happens online today and the situation is no different in Greece. 

You will typically need to go online for shopping, attend conferences, be part of webinars, get public services and the list is just so long. One assurance that we can confidently  give is that there isn’t a need to be worried about internet access and needs in Greece-you’re covered. The connection may not be your best but it is there and a lot of progress is being made to increase internet penetration rate, cost efficiency and reliability. 

Getting over you internet needs in Greece

Are you moving to Greece or just visiting? Well, whatever your reason is for being there, top on the list of your concerns must be the internet connection. You are definitely eager to get out there and connect with people. Your friends and family back home can’t wait to get in touch with you. You also want to take photos and send them to your social media accounts. The point is, you have many reasons for needing a good internet connection during your stay. 

Your finding a good internet connection rests entirely on the internet provider that you will settle on. Therefore, take your sweet time and research internet providers carefully before making your choice. Make good use of the many free WiFI spots near you to find a provider. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Internet Connection in Greece at a Glance 

Greece has been identified by many as having the slowest fixed internet in Europe. Another staggering fact check shows that Greece has the most expensive internet services in relation to the costs of living. Reports indicate that on average, Greeks and ostensibly any expat who lives in the country works for about 12 minutes to earn an income enough for buying 1GB of data.

Fixed internet charges also remain comparatively higher in Greece than those of many other peer European countries. The cheapest connection will cost you three hours and 46 minutes of work every month. But in case you were just getting dazzled and dizzied by the almost all perplexing facts, there is one important thing about the internet in Greece-security is top notch.

In an era where cybercrime has become a norm and people lose greatly to scammers, Greece has worked out security on her internet space. You no longer need to be paranoid about who is phishing your information when online because the space is adequately secured. For people looking to establish businesses or operate high sensitive polatforms online in Greece, internet security is guaranteed  for it ranks best at it. 

Greece is a major tourist destination in Europe. You have probably heard a friend or two complain about internet connection after visiting Greece. The sad truth is, most internet providers in Greece don’t prioritize tourists’ internet needs. That’s why you’ll find a poor or really slow internet connection in most accommodation spots, beaches, in cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. 

The internet in these places is probably slow because of the large number of connections to the same Wi-Fi signal. Most of these connections have one router, hence the slow internet. So don’t let your experience influence your choice of internet provider. Once you subscribe to your own connection, life will become more bearable for you. Another solution would be to purchase an internet card.

Internet Providers in Greece

You are probably aware by now that you have a number of options to choose from when it comes to internet providers in Greece. The internet provider you choose will determine the connection you get. Greece’s telecommunication market is deregulated hence, there are many internet service providers. 

The most popular internet provider in Greece is Forthnet. This provider offers you a range of fixed telephone and broadband services. The costs start from as low as €25 per month. Other internet providers are Net One, Otenet, Hellas On Line, On Telecoms, Tellas and Vodafone. Cosmote, Vodaphone and Wind are the largest providers when it comes to mobile phone internet connection. They provide both contract and pre-pay options depending on what you prefer. 


In Greece, Tazamobile remains among the most popular internet providers. They offer many packages at fairly affordable prices. However, their prices are slightly higher than Cosmote. You can get a Taza card complete with a Greece number at 5 Euro. Similarly, you’ll be able to access 3GB of internet at 10  Euros. 

This package also comes with 50 minutes for all calls to Greek numbers, 600 minutes for calls to numbers from the same network and messages. What’s more, they add another 50 minutes for international calls. With your Tazaline, you’ll receive weekend package offers such as 3GB for 2  Euros. 


Cosmote is the cheapest internet provider in Greece. It is also the most popular of course. However, their packages are curiously similar to those of Tazamobile. A Cosmote card goes for 5e. With credit worth as low as 50e, you can get amazing internet packages. For instance, there is a summer offer for unlimited monthly internet at just 9.90€. They also have a daily 1GB package for 1e. Over the weekend you can buy a 3GB package for 2 Euros or 700MB for one week for 4 Euros.


Another popular internet provider someone can check up in Greece is Vodafone. It has very affordable offers that enable you to access the internet for as low as 1 Euro. Their internet connection is also fast and available in most parts of Greece. Hence, you will not have any trouble connecting to the internet. However, their fixed internet charges are higher. Therefore, you have to decide whether to subscribe to the mobile internet or fix it. It will depend entirely on what you are using the internet for or your preference.  


For anyone who may not be aware, Bonbon is not as popular as the other internet providers in Greece. However, it has continued to get more customers in the recent past. The main attraction could be their affordable prices and fast internet connectivity. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can use their internet card in all European countries. It will come in handy if you are an adventure enthusiast who travels a lot. 

Q-Wind Internet

Wind is a telecommunication company that has well curved its presence in Greece. It does not only provide internet services but also integrated mobile phone subscription services which makes them meet all round customer needs. Wind offers several packages at varying prices. It would be a good choice for you because it has all-in-one packages that include calls and messages. They also offer fixed internet at a higher price of course so I would recommend their mobile internet subscription.