Internet Subscription in Denmark 

Internet Subscription in Denmark 

Denmark ranks among the happiest countries globally and welcomes people from different parts of the world each day. People come to Denmark for work, studies, cultural exchange, research…name it. But even as foreigners enter Denmark, everyone can always guess that the question on how to communicate with people back home remains relevant. I have read so many posts and comments like “owh! so your WhatsApp number still works”, “did you need to change your Facebook settings” and many such. All these sentiments point to how valued the internet and general communication is. 

In the mind of people arriving in Denmark, there is an urgent need to keep people back at home informed about how the new land is, opportunities, challenges and such kinds of stuff. Therefore, the next thing to get started on almost immediately after landing is a search for mobile phone service providers in Denmark. This will enable you to make international calls or link with friends within Denmark if any.

Soon after, the urge to check in on your social media feeds, post a few pictures on your timeline and just get ahead of everything kicks in. Instinctively, having a reliable internet provider becomes a necessity rather than luxury. It is at this point that this piece of writing becomes an important guide. So let’s do this… take a tour around internet subscription in Denmark and everything else in between. 

A brief recap of Denmark

Denmark is a popular destination for most foreigners. The country has a lot to offer including a rich culture and breath-taking sites. It doesn’t surprise me that you have decided to move here. Whatever your reason for being in Denmark, you are going to need a good internet connection to stay connected. 

Well, you are in luck because Denmark’s internet connection is not only good but stable. The idea is to subscribe to an internet connection that best meets your needs. You have many options to choose from hence it shouldn’t be a problem. You can connect to the internet through DSL, fibre optic, cable or wireless. I don’t know about you but I know most people prefer to connect through WIFI. 

Finding the Internet Service that Meets your Needs in Denmark

The truth is, people need the internet for different reasons. You could be a student who needs the internet to complete your classwork. Or maybe your job requires you to have constant internet connection. Whatever the reason, you must choose the best internet service that will help you achieve your goal. 

There are three main internet users in Denmark. The first place I’m sure most of us fall under is the internet surfer. We mostly use the internet to visit social media sites, Email and Google. A connection with 20 Mbit/s of download speed is more than sufficient. 

However, if you are a streamer or use the internet for Spotify, Netflix or YouTube you need at least a package with 60 Mbit/s. Finally, if you are an avid gamer with a passion for high definition games go for a 100 – 500 Mbit/s subscription. A glass fiber connection would work wonders for you. 

Internet Providers in Denmark  

Denmark has a wide range of internet providers. However, the most popular ones include; Kviknet, Telenor, and Waoo. All these providers offer users reliable internet at fairly good prices. Kviknet, Telenor, and Fast Speed all offer their users fibre and all in 1 package. The all in 1 package contains Internet, TV and phone connections. only offers the all in 1 package. 


Among the frequently used internet providers in Denmark is Kviknet. This internet provider has some broadband deals that you might find attractive if not interesting. However, the main reason why people flock to them is because of their prices. Who doesn’t like a cheap internet connection that can meet all their needs? 

The provider is known throughout Denmark as offering the cheapest Internet connections. You are probably wondering how they are able to achieve this given the high costs of living in Denmark. It’s because they don’t have an expensive headquarters or expensive stores. Talk about smart business ideas. 

As they say however, cheap can be expensive. The downside to using their internet is that they don’t have a shop you can visit. You complete all your dealings with them online which can prove tricky at times. Their wireless router has a built-in modem which is enough for the Internet subscriptions they offer. 

You won’t have a problem getting in touch with them if you speak English since their website is in English. It can come in handy if you don’t speak or understand Danish. Before you rush to subscribe, you should note that it is only effective if you are not a heavy Internet user and are looking for a cheap Internet connection.  


The largest internet provider and telecommunication company in Denmark is Telenor. This is the right internet provider for you if you reside in a remote area. Most internet providers don’t have a good internet connection in remote areas. Well Telenor does. They provide high broadband while also offering 4G LTE broadband networks everywhere in Denmark. 

The provider has also been lauded for offering reliable mobile broadband to many users in the whole of Scandinavia. They differ from Kviknet in that they use a long-range 450 MHz frequency. The implication is it enables them to maximize a wider range and gives them an edge in excellent network coverage. When you subscribe with them they give you a portable router that can be used including your house, caravan, car or boat. 

It will also enable you to access 4G internet on your mobile phone anywhere. So, you can still take amazing photos during a hike and post them online. This could be the reason why they are so popular in Denmark. The downside is that you will pay more for internet since they are not the cheapest. 


Are you looking for a stable broadband connection in Denmark? Then Yousee is the provider for you. Just like Telenor, they are also popular and have a large network of subscribers throughout Denmark. The upside to their subscription is that they are cheaper than Telenor.

I found Yousee interesting because they offer 5 distinct packages; with different internet speeds and benefits. Their contracts are also simple and clear which is an advantage if you are a foreigner and can’t speak Danish. Finally, they make a point of asking for your postal code. They then inform you of the Internet connections available in your region. 

Choosing the Best Internet Provider in Denmark 

Choosing the right internet provider can be time-consuming and excruciating if you are not well prepared. The good thing about Denmark internet providers is that they all offer fairly competent connections. Therefore, even if you get tired along the way and choose randomly you are still likely to have a great connection. The difference comes in the bandwidth and prices that they offer. This is a good reason to hang in there right? Take your time and compare the specifications of each provider before settling on one.