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How to pack books for moving

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How to pack books for moving

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Books are heavy and take up a lot of space. This means they can be difficult to move. But keeping your treasured stories and textbooks with you, is an important part of moving successfully and feeling at home once you arrive. 

Your books can also be quite fragile and thus require special care. This is especially true for the books that are rare or have sentimental value, as well as those that have seen better days. 

So in this article we will cover the importance of packing books before moving and the benefits of packing them correctly, as well as provide tips on how to prepare, pack, and move your books.

Why you should correctly pack your books

Packing books before moving is a crucial step in ensuring that they are protected and arrive safely at your new home. Many books are fragile and can be easily damaged if not packed properly.

Benefits of Packing Books Correctly:

  • Packing your books correctly can help protect them from damage during the move.
  • It will save you time and stress on moving day.
  • Properly packed books can save space during the move

Preparing to pack books

Before you start packing your books, you will need to gather the necessary materials. This includes boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and a permanent marker for labeling.

The first step in packing your books is to sort them by size and type. This will make it easier to pack them properly and find them when you are unpacking in your new home. It will also allow you to quickly estimate the given weight of the moving box or other container you use.

Consider using this preparation time to also throw out some of the old books that you do not have a need for anymore. If you have enough time before your date of moving, you might even be able to sell them online or at a book dealer for some extra cash.

Packing your books the best way

Once you have sorted your books, start wrapping and boxing them. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect the corners and edges of your books. 

It is important to choose the right type of box for your books. It is recommended to use small to medium-sized boxes that are sturdy and can hold the weight of your books. Avoid using overly large boxes, as they can become too heavy and difficult to move.

Be sure to fill any empty spaces in the box with packing material to prevent the books from shifting during the move. This will help keep the books in place and prevent them from getting damaged.

Be sure to label each box with the contents and the room it belongs to, this will help you and your movers to easily know where to put the books in your new home. 

Also, it will be helpful if you write the weight of the box on it, this will help you and your movers to handle the boxes with care. Even if you just give a rough estimate, this can help the moving company know where to stack the boxes in their truck, and it can prevent people from picking up too much at once.

Moving the books

When loading the books onto the moving truck, be sure to place them on top of heavier items to protect them from getting crushed. In case you are doing the moving yourself, it is easy enough to consider your most precious books and give them a safe location. 

If you are using a moving company for this part of the move, you can let them know which boxes are the most important ones for you.

When unloading the books at your new home, be sure to handle them carefully and place them in the appropriate room. It is a good idea to unpack the books first so that they can be put in their proper place as soon as possible.

When moving books a long distance

If you are moving out of the country, you will need to be aware of the customs regulations for your destination country. This includes restrictions on what items can be brought into the country and any taxes or fees that may be required. While there are few restrictions on books in general, you should still make sure you are not breaking any rules.

Preparing books for international shipping may require additional steps to ensure they are compliant with the specifications required by the moving company or shipping provider. This may include additional wrapping, labeling, and documentation. It is important to consult with your shipping company for their specific requirements.


Packing books before moving is an important step in ensuring that they are protected and arrive safely at your new home. By following these tips, you can have peace of mind knowing that your books are safe, and you can enjoy reading them in your new home. Happy moving!