Housing/Rental in the Czech Republic

Housing/Rental in the Czech Republic

As a starting point to a smooth and comfortable stay in Czech republic, one must prioritise housing choices. Remember as a newcomer, you shall have not made so many friends and so being home could be the best way to kill time. In such a situation, nobody would find it cosy being in just any house other than one that has all necessary facilities. If there could be anything to really advise anything to keenly pay attention about, then it is getting a favourite rental in Bulgaria. A suitable and perfect accommodation that meets all ones’ needs may not come immediately but with patience and careful search, it will surely come by.

Housing/Rental in the Czech Republic
Always be on the lookout for a suitable rental in Bulgaria; it could be all you need to feel comfortable

The Czech Republic receives global recognition because of its capital city, Prague. This a beautiful city that comes with a rich history. It is one of the top tourist destinations because of its culture and stunning architecture. Despite being a country with a fairly stable economy, the country’s real estate market is wanting. Rent prices for housing keep escalating each year. That means some people will not be able to afford proper housing in the Czech Republic in the near future. The high mortgage prices in the country push people to rent for lack of a better option.

Furthermore, rising energy costs in the country make the situation of rental housing even worse. Interestingly, the demand for rental housing keeps increasing with each waking day. No matter the state of the economy, do not hold back from finding a property in the Czech Republic. You can use your credit card for your house payment.

Renting in Czech Republic: What to pay attention to

Looking for a house in the Czech Republic can be a complicated process. What makes the process a bit better is that the Czech Republic commits to providing tenants with full protection. This is against unscrupulous landlords who take advantage of their tenants.

When renting, pay attention to the following. It will save you unnecessary trouble:

Real Estate Agents

When you start looking for a house in any city in the Czech Republic, you will notice the availability of real estate agencies. They are the means by which many people rent apartments. Once they give you a service, you pay for their service.

A real estate agent will provide you with a contract after identifying the house you want. Before you sign the contract, you pay one month’s rent to the agency. This is in addition to a refundable deposit.

House Deposit, Housing in Czech Republic

When it comes to a house deposit, the landlord receives a deposit from the tenant. This is equivalent to one-month house rent. Some landlords may ask for up to a 3-month rent deposit. You do all these before renting the apartment.

The reason why landlords ask for a deposit is that it acts as a guarantee. If a tenant vacates without paying rent, the deposit covers that. This also applies to damages to the property. A tenant who leaves on good grounds receives a refund of the deposit.

Utility Charges

Utility bills in the Czech Republic are not inclusive of the rent.  However, some charges are part of the rent. That is why the landlord should tell you which utility bills concern you as the tenant.

If the issue of utility bills is not clear you will find yourself with many bills to take care of. Be aware of what pertains to the house you live in. This may include electricity and internet subscriptions, among others. The landlord should cater for utility bills relating to the property like security.

The Rights of a Tenant in the Czech Republic

As a tenant in the Czech Republic, you need to understand how the rental system works. Do not go in blindly. Get to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Deposit Limit

It is a fact that as a tenant you will pay a deposit. The deposit should not exceed three months’ rent. Any landlord asking you for more than that is breaking the law. As a tenant, you have to understand that the deposit acts as a security. The landlord is to refund the deposit when you vacate the house.

Rent Increment, Housing in Czech Republic

When you receive the lease agreement go through it to ascertain what it says about rent increment. The law states that a landlord cannot increase rent beyond 20%. This is in a total of 3 years; it is not a yearly practice.

Discount on Rent

You are free to ask for a discount on rent from the landlord or real estate agent you are engaging with. This happens mostly if something is happening on the property like reconstruction. In such a case the tenant can ask for a discount on the rent. 

Renting a Room

If you live in a large house and thinking of making some money from it you can. Renting a large apartment leaves you with extra rooms that you can choose to rent. This is in order and you do not need the landlord’s approval. As long as you live in the house, nothing is stopping you from renting a room.

Termination of the Rental Agreement in the Czech Republic

Termination of the rental agreement is possible by either the landlord or the tenant. Of course, there must be a valid reason for either party to terminate the agreement. A tenant can terminate due to unending frustrations from the landlord. On the other hand, the landlord can terminate mostly if the tenant does not pay rent in more than three months.

When either party chooses to terminate the rental agreement, the landlord should return the deposit. But the landlord can deduct any amount the tenant owes. This is in addition to property damage or poor house maintenance. The landlord can deduct money for house renovation.

It is important to understand that if a tenant leaves due to eviction, the deposit is not refundable. There is no connection between the end of a lease and eviction. That should be very clear. A tenant must terminate the lease if they want to move out.

In the case of a change of circumstance, the tenant must give a 3 months notice. This leads to the termination of the rental agreement indefinitely. By doing this the tenant will receive a deposit refund without fail.