Housing and renting in Sweden

Housing and renting in Sweden

Other than its beautiful landscapes and a corporate culture embracing an excellent work-life balance, Sweden ranks top in the QOL index. Sweden plays a lead role in global development as it continues to excellently perform in quality-of-life rankings. As one of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden is clearly renowned for the presence of well-rounded systems from exhibiting high levels of freedom. Besides, everyone would be highly favoured to be here with the high levels of environmental performance, happiness, and acceptance of migrants.

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Forget about the high cost of living in Sweden and just think about the relatively high salaries and compensations for the population. Each of these factors highly qualifies Sweden as your dream destination knowing that you are destined to achieve high levels of civic engagement and education. However, one major aspect of significance in Sweden is the high degree of consideration of both health and overall wellness of its population. This includes provision of social security in Sweden. Whether you are coming or already in Sweden, your comfort when it comes to accommodation must be your top priority.

Finding Housing in Sweden

Whether you are in dire need of renting or buying a house, finding housing in Sweden is much more difficult than it is the case in other European countries. As a matter of fact, in Sweden, the housing industry especially renting is very competitive. This is the clear reason behind the existing black market for long-term leases. If you are a foreigner intending to stay for a longer time, it is advisable that you focus your attention on buying a house. It will be much more convenient for you.

In your search for a house in Sweden, terms like first-hand and second-hand rentals will be very common to come by. An apartment rented directly through a landlord has a tag of first-hand rental. On the other hand, when you sublet an apartment through a current tenant, that apartment is a second-hand one. One factor worth noting is that the Swedish first-hand rentals are very few and it is very difficult to find one in unpopular and cheap areas. As you buy time eyeing the conclusion of the long waiting demand for first-hand rental list, just grab yourself a second-hand apartment for it’s the only option then. 

As an expat or any other foreigner arriving in Sweden, the most preferred accommodation is a short-term rental. To avoid having to sign a contract for renting an apartment that doesn’t match your needs, one better signs up for a short-term rental. It will give you more time to organize for a more permanent place to call a home. One good thing about Swedish housing is that you can never go wrong with any of its living situation. Whether you intend to stay in the city or the countryside, Sweden has various types of housing for you to choose from.

Types of Housing Present in Sweden

While in Sweden, you can live in one of these three kids of accommodations;

  • Own house
  • An apartment under housing co-operative
  • A rental apartment

Renting an Apartment or a House in Sweden

The process of renting a house or apartment in Sweden is not always a complex one. However, expats might find it a bit difficult to find a house to stay. Maybe this could be associated with the recent housing shortages being experienced in the major Swedish cities. Nonetheless, there may be some hope from the great horizons within the beautiful landscapes of Sweden.

There are people who are never certain of their duration of stay in Sweden while others have other reasons for choosing not to buy a house. While others may not be able to afford buying a home, others could also be avoiding responsibilities from tax obligation. Therefore, the demand for rented apartments or houses is relatively high in Sweden and this may make it very hard for you to successfully get what you are looking for. 

Nevertheless, you can easily rent an apartment or a house through a private rental, housing companies, or municipal organizations. If you are interested in renting a property, the Swedish municipality will offer you with the necessary information about the municipal letting companies. Each municipality in Sweden has its own letting agency where you will be able to put your name on the waiting list. In the meantime, you could also contact a private landlord in the municipality you intend to move to and get an apartment.

Since the demand for rental is high, the waiting list could take a long time and there is no single register of Swedish housing companies. However, the housing portals will help you identify a housing company. As a tenant payment of a subscription fee to the housing portals must be done. You can also find property adverts in the big newspapers, online, and also the local media in the area you wish to live in.

What you Must Know  about renting in Sweden

When renting an apartment or house in Sweden, you have an entitlement to a rental contract which will indicate the amount of rent you pay. The standard available facilities that will be available in your apartment will be a fridge, freezer, cooker, laundry and a shower or bath. However, the landlord is responsible for paying for any repairs and maintenance and must always contact the landlord for anything you need. A deposit is not a requirement when renting a house in Sweden.

Tips for Finding an Apartment in Sweden

  • You must put your name on the municipal waiting list as fast as you can
  • Look for accommodation from the private landlords by putting your name on the private landlord own website’s waiting list. Then register your interest and preference.
  • You could make applications by email as you state your interests
  • Sublet an apartment or look for a short-term rental as you wait your turn in the waiting list
  • You could also consider living in housing association
  • Find adverts on social media
  • Consider your housing allowance