Housing and Renting in Greece

Housing and Renting in Greece

If you are looking for a place to stay, Greece is the place to go. You will love the beautiful scenery, historic ruins, and friendly people. Every city in Greece has an untold story and the locals in this place ensure that you enjoy your time. So how is housing or renting arrangement in this Mediterranean gem called Greece?

When planning to stay temporarily in Greece, for a year or two, it is better to rent at first. Even if you’re coming long-term and plan to buy, it may well be worthwhile taking out a short-term rental agreement to start with. Search for a central place and get information from the locals on the best house deals.

Renting in Greece

Moving abroad can be daunting. Even though Greece is a beautiful place, the hustle of getting a home is real. While moving to Greece whether temporarily or permanently, it is advisable to rent first. That way, you familiarize yourself with the environment and have a chance to get the best deal at the end of the day.

You can find a rental property in Greece in many ways. Start by working with a real estate agent or the locals. It is advisable to collect information from the locals before contacting an agent. That way, you have a general idea of what is required. In addition, ex-pats can look for sale signs or look for advertisements in local newspapers and websites.

Documents needed for renting a house in Greece

A Greek rental agreement plays a major role in this process. This contract must be signed by both the tenant and the landlord. It entails the deposit and rental amount, both the tenant and the landlord’s initials, and the term of the lease.  Other documents include:

  1. Tenant’s Greek tax number (AFM)
  2. Proof of income
  3. A valid Identity card or passport
  4. A guarantor, however, is optional

Buying a House in Greece

Accommodation prices in Greece decreased significantly in this country during the economic crisis. Therefore getting a mortgage or buying a house in Greece is quite affordable compared to the neighboring countries. A property at the city center goes for an average of €1,500-4,000 per m2. Properties on the outskirts of the city may go for €900-2,500 per m2.

Buying a house in Greece gives you a chance of getting a permanent residence permit. If an ex-pat buys a house for more than €250,000 they automatically qualify for a Greece Golden Visa that gives you access to numerous benefits.

Process of Buying a House in Greece

The good news is that Greece has no restrictions on foreigners owning property. Anyone can own property in Greece. However, it is advisable to get help from an expert in this field. Some of the documents required for one to buy a house include:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Tax Registry Number (TRN)
  3. Valid visa to enter Greece  for a non-EU national
  4. Residence proof
  5. Copy of tax returns
  6. Government-issued ID proof

Steps of buying a house

  1. Do proper research to make an informed decision
  2. Visit the property after enlisting it for proper examination.
  3. Choose the property that best suits your needs
  4. Make the quotation and bargain appropriately
  5. Make reservations after negotiating with the landowner
  6. Contact your lawyer and together draft the final deed
  7. Visit the tax office to get your tax number
  8. Finally, submit the papers to the registry of Mortgages for approval.

What to consider before buying or renting a house in Greece

People have different tastes and preferences about where they call home. Therefore, before buying or renting a home, it is advisable to put certain things into consideration. These include:

  • Location – This includes the proximity of your workplace or school to your home. having a home that is closer to where you go frequently is highly advisable.
  • Type of accommodation – The type of apartment or home matters when choosing a place to live. As an ex-pat one has to consider whether they are going to live alone or with family for them to choose the right house.
  • Utilities – This is important because they differ from place to place. Amenities for furnished apartments may be more expensive than others.
  • Budget – It is important to live within your means. Therefore knowing your budget helps you to get good and affordable houses.

Best places to stay in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country. Nevertheless, it depends on what makes you happy. While some people prefer living in busy cities, others look for the quiet of the countryside. Here are some popular cities and islands that can make the ideal home.

Santorini Island

Santorini Island is known for its reasonable cost of living and affordable prices. It is a seabed for real estate investors with beautiful borders.


Mykonos is famous for its agile real estate. This is considered the most beautiful island in Greece lying between, Syros, Tinos, Paros, and Naxos. Additionally, the houses in Mykonos are very affordable with a three-bedroom villa going for an estimated €1 million.


Nothing beats the capital city of a country. Athens is a vibrant city with bustling day and nightlife. Every ex-pat looking to do business with government organizations must look forward to living in this city.


This is a city with many beautiful landmarks. Being that it is bordering Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki is a central place to consider while planning to stay in Greece.