Electricity and Heating in the Republic of Cyprus 

Electricity and Heating in the Republic of Cyprus 

Anybody claiming to have trodden the earth like a colossus and visited every amazing destination available may just be mistaken. Yes, there are a basketful of attractive sceneries worth visiting stretching from as far as the Great Barrier reef to Alaska. But, visiting Cyprus may just open your eyes to extra more food for the eye and great adventure plugs around. Those who have had a rare chance of visiting Cyprus will bear forth that it is a favourite destination for many foreigners thanks to its sunny weather and lenient fiscal policy. You will have many opportunities to spend time outdoors and relax outside of work and study. 

The sunny beaches off the coast of Cyprus may just give one a false impression that it shines and feels warmer every other day of the year. If you arrive in the country in Summer, good for you because the sun will be up and you can enjoy some sunbathing but the story will shift  when winter cold and darkness begin to creep in. But it’s safe to mention here that Cyprus generally experiences warm and mild climates. So, it would be an exaggeration to allude that one may need as much house heating in Cyprus as for example in a Scandinavian country like Denmark. In actual sense, Cyrus only experiences mild winters which possibly explains the reason why apartments  and houses in the country do not have a central heating system

In Cyprus, you will not spend a lot on heating since it has one of the warmest climates in Europe. Besides, you are going to spend most of your time outdoors. However, you will still need to install electricity and a source of heating at your home. Electricity and heating means bills. So, even as you enjoy the perks that your new home has to offer, mind your budget and prioritize these two. 

Electricity and Heating in Cyprus at a Glance

Apart from spending time outdoors, you will also save costs because electricity is not expensive in Cyprus. You are likely to pay less than 60 euros if you live alone. You can also rejoice in the fact that the government is still working day and night to reduce the cost of electricity. 

The cold season in Cyprus lasts only three months from mid-December till mid-March. However, you are still going to need proper heating to comfortably survive these months. You don’t have to be from a tropical country to understand the need for heating. Since the other months are generally warm, you are likely to find the cold weather daunting. You can also look at house heating and electricity in Austria

You will also need electricity in Cyprus for cooling during summer. So get yourself a proper cooling system because it will get really hot. You can either use energy (electric radiators, heated floors) or gas/diesel (applies for houses with boilers that run on fuel). The amount you pay will be determined by your consumption. However, you can expect to pay less than 1500 euros every year. 

Electricity and Heating Options in Cyprus

Most apartments in Cyprus are not well insulated so you can expect your winters to be very cool indoors. Your best bet is to find a house with central heating or install one if you can afford to. There are other alternatives at your disposal such as oil and electricity. Remember that your utility bill will depend on your usage so keep track and don’t get carried away. 

The bill will also vary depending on many factors including season and energy prices in the country. For example, some winters might be colder than others so you might use more electricity than the previous winter. It will also depend on the appliances you have in your house and the size of your household. 

Household/domestic users have access to three distinct tariffs. In Cyprus, the heating providers will allow you to choose between the two depending on your preference. The first tariffs charge the same price for energy throughout the day. The second one has different rates depending on the time of day. You will be charged less for energy during the night than during the day. 

I would recommend the one with a fixed price if you use the same amount during the day and night. However, if you use more electricity at night, then you could go for the second tariff. Also, if you are a homeowner who uses electric heaters with the function of heat accumulation, you are better off with the double rate tariff. It will cost you less because your heater is turned off at night. 

Cost of Electricity and Heating in Cyprus

You can expect to pay an average cost of 20 cents per kW for electricity in Cyprus. However, this will depend on the tariff you subscribe to. The three available tariffs include constant cost during the whole day, the cost depends on the time of the day and the preferential tariff for the poor. 

You will receive an electricity bill every two months by post or by email, by the customer request. The payment methods include cash or card at the EAC office, at bank, via ATM or online.

Initially, storage heating was considered the cheapest option for most people in the country. However, today it is an expensive option for most households in Cyprus. You are better off signing up for the normal tariff. They have the same add-on rates though the base rate for storage heating is much more affordable. 

Tactics for Lowering your Electricity Costs in Cyprus

Tariffs 5 and 55 will generate a base cost of nearly half the total bill for most storage heating systems give or take a euro. Your best bet therefore is to insulate your roof and change your windows. You will end up using more tariff 55 kWh every month. Note that this will depend on the weather so it might not be fixed. 

Tariff electricity or aircon heating on normal tariff is highly influenced by the difference in cost between oil and gas. However, in the long run, you might not feel as comfortable as you would expect. So you should also consider this fact.