Electricity and Heating in Luxembourg

Electricity and Heating in Luxembourg

Moving to a new country can be a stressful and costly prospect for anyone. The first step is to find accommodation. In Luxembourg, your first priority when you move to your new home is to set up your utilities. Top on the list of these are electricity, gas supply and a heating system. You might also want to connect to the internet and mobile phone services in the country.  

Well, lucky for you, you are in a developed country so this shouldn’t be a problem. Getting connected to electricity and gas supply is fairly straightforward. What’s more, you will have access to many providers and different plans. So, you have your work cut out for you whether you are buying or renting in Luxembourg

Electricity and Heating Services in Luxembourg 

As an expat, your first thought when it comes to electricity and heating in Luxembourg is costs. So, you might feel like the whole process of getting access to these utilities will be stressful in general. Well, you could be right in part because the truth is your pockets will have to hurt a bit. 

The good news is that getting these two will be much cheaper if you are renting. In most cases, you will find that your new home is already connected to electricity, gas and heating supply. So, your only task will be to transfer the accounts to your own name. Once you are done, you can change to a different supplier if you like. 

You can also transfer your electricity and gas supply accounts when you move to a new house. However, in this case, your provider will ask to visit your new property before signing you up. This is also true for other utilities such as the internet and mobile phone connections. 

Gas and Electricity Providers in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s energy market is liberalized, so you will have many provider options based on your needs. Every supplier sets different rates and offers a wide variety of packages including both electricity and gas, should you require both. Such package deals are more affordable, so it pays to compare the market and explore your options.

The electricity and gas supply in Luxembourg is managed by CREOS. CREOS is charged with managing the country’s network, pipe maintenance, meter installation and readings. One thing you will love about Luxembourg is the availability of smart meters in most properties. This means that the readings can be done automatically and remotely. 

However, since you are a new tenant and a subscriber, it will help to take the current readings and send them to your provider. This will ensure that you only pay for your consumption and keep track of your usage. You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that the gas and electricity prices in Luxembourg are lower than the EU average. 

You will be expected to rent your gas meter from CREOS once you subscribe to their services. However, you must also pay for gas in a system of price per square meter of gas consumed and a fixed monthly charge. 

Choosing an Energy Supplier in Luxembourg

 In Luxembourg, Enovos is the major gas and electricity supplier. In collaboration with it is a network of smaller regional companies that supply green electricity. You should confirm which suppliers are available in your area. Some providers are available nationwide, while others operate on a regional level. 

Other suppliers in the market include; Eida, NordENERGIE (part of the Enovos Group), Electris, LEO (part of the Enovos Group), Steinergy (part of the Enovos Group) and Sudgaz.  While choosing the right supplier can be time consuming, it might save you many costs. So, shop around and see which supplier best meets your needs. 

Paying for Electricity and Gas in Luxembourg 

In Luxembourg, consumers receive their bills after every two months. The amount paid is calculated through an estimate of consumption from the previous year. However, don’t be alarmed by this since the bill will always be reconciled and adjusted to the correct value. 

You can pay your bills through direct debit (domiciliation) or bank transfer (virement). So, you should get a local bank account as soon as you settle in Luxembourg. Bank payments are secure and you can always keep track of your payments. 

You should expect the provider to read your meter once a year. This is where the provider will adjust your account balance appropriately. You’ll also be happy to know that you can request an interim meter reading in case of unusual consumption. Your provider can also request an interim reading if they feel like there is unusual usage. 

If a meter reading happens while you are away, a postcard will be left in the letterbox indicating the next meter reading date and approximate time. You are also allowed to deactivate your account with the provider. All you have to do is contact the electricity and gas supplier at least a week before moving. The provider will then conduct a final meter reading then terminate your account. You can simply do this online or by downloading the moving house form.