A 360 degrees about Sweden for newcomers

By reading this, you intend to move over to Sweden, wants to know more about the country or curious what your kin who lives there has to contend with. For those who plan to live in or visit Sweden, this serves as a good guide on how to start off life.

Obviously, the culture shock and confusion that one experiences on the first days in Sweden can be intense. Coupled with the strange Swedish language, things can seem unbearable. But the fact that those who came before already made it, with this guide, it will likely be a smooth sail.

Hello Sweden, I am a newcomer

Located in the Scandinavia and a Nordic country, Sweden ranks as the country with the highest immigrant population in the region. This is a testament to the country’s thriving economy, security and general wellebeing. Despite being an expensive country to live in, its possible to navigate with a living wage paid out to workers in different sectors.

So lets take the journey down to explore the likely experiences one may go through, important amenities and services that matter.

After reading this, you may be well informed about or yearning to start your journey of experiencing Sweden. We don’t promise that it’s going to be one day learning everything but with this guide, it will be slow but sure. 

Welcome to Sweden, the land of great experiences and memorable adventures


We have explore several areas a newcomer may find interesting to know about Sweden. They include; 

  • Housing and Rentals in Sweden
  • Getting Electricity/Heating Sweden
  • Insurances and insurance options in Sweden
  • Swedish mobile phone subscription services
  • Internet subscription
  • Dating
  • Credit card
  • Payday loans in Sweden

Whatever we write about here may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a stable life in Sweden. Those who’ve already lived in the country may well have a different perspective about issues. On our side, we try to be as basic and straightforward as possible. This is just but to get you started. 

Welcome to Sweden, the home of beautiful landscape, culture and vibrant people

Sweden stuns many as being among the prosperous in the world. With a remarkable social system, a flourishing economy and happy people, this should be the place to be for expats looking to start off life abroad. 

In Sweden, you get an amazing coastline dotted with cities and breathtaking waterfronts good enough to be health spas. In warmer months, most of the country experiences a bubbly population that a newly arrived person will easily feel cheered up. But when winter cold starts to creep in, it’s a whole different story as most of the country goes into a lulling silence. 

It’s in Sweden that you find cities well known globally for hosting landmark international conferences. Possibly you’ll be proud to live in Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg or any other. 

Here we give an impressive and guided compilation of services that will without a doubt make life an interesting experience for you in Sweden. 

Getting around Housing and Renting in Sweden

Housing and accommodation occupy the top most priority for any person arriving in Sweden. You may have already gotten a Schengen visa and booked your flight to Sweden. But, you better know something about housing and accommodation.

A huge chunk of your monthly salary when working in Sweden will go towards paying rent or serving a mortgage. Most people end up renting apartments as an initial accommodation but some end up buying homes when finances become available. If anything, lenders in Sweden 

What to expect for a typical apartment in Sweden

It is now clearly undisputable that Sweden’s social and welfare systems are one of the best globally. Even with the charming amazingness of Sweden, your comfort when it comes to accommodation must be your major area of focus. Although the housing industry, particularly renting, is highly competitive in Sweden, finding a house can be far more difficult than it really looks. There is a high existence of black market for long-term leases making it very difficult to find a perfect rental house. It is for this reason however, that most people consider buying a house terming it much more convenient.

However, if you are renting, first-hand and second-hand rentals will be very common terms that you’ll come across. If you are renting directly through a landlord, it is a first-hand rental and when you are subletting an apartment from a current tenant, it is a second-hand rental. First-hand rentals in Sweden are very difficult to get a hold of especially in the unpopular cheap areas. On the other hand, second-hand rentals are usually common and easy to get making it the most preferred accommodation by foreigners arriving in Sweden.

Electricity and Heating in Sweden

You don’t want to imagine what Sweden would be without reliable electricity and heating supply. In the winter and starting right from Autumn, darkness starts so early and daylight only breaks later in the morning. Its such periods that cases of winter stress and associated self harm like suicide happens.

As a newcomer or someone who’s lived in Sweden for a while, having a connection to the heating system must be a must. Likewise, you need a power supply for cooking and lighting. In fact, most people now drive electric cars and need to have power supply to their home car charging points. 

Get your head around electricity needs and consumption bill in Sweden

To really enjoy life in Sweden, nothing should interrupt your supply of electricity and heating. In fact, anything that may lead to a disconnection should be avoided like a plague. Just ensure that your heating and electricity bills get paid up to date. 

If you’re ecologically conscious as indeed most Swedes have become, it’s possible to get much of your connection from green sources of power. In fact, up to 70% of Swedish electricity production comes from hydroelectric sources. 

Some apartments have a prior arrangement with electricity and heat supplies which means you as a tenant only have to enter that arrangement. However, most houses now let tenants choose for themselves which company should supply their electricity.

For heating services, district heating is available for virtually every household. It’s the priority of local municipalities and the government of Sweden to ensure that houses not only meet set building codes but also have reliable heating. Without heating, its simply impossible to live in a house in Sweden. 

Adjust your indoor heating equipment to match your temperature needs at any given time. If need be, you can buy additional heating equipment from the market. These typically use your electricity to warm the house. They have become so common and efficient supplements for district heating. 

Insurance options for you in Sweden 

Insurance is yet another very critical part of this welfare system, a matter that should be laced with a lot of seriousness. We live in a world covered by risks and when such risks take a toll order, one may find themselves in a financial drain. 

While Sweden is considered one of the safest countries to live in, risks do not necessarily mean war and terror or violence alone. Amidst the peace and quiet that exists in Sweden, numerous risks like accidents and damage may occur for which one must have insurance. 


It is quite prudent that you cover self, family, and property with the high risk that you could lose your life or possessions or even sustain an injury. Insurance in Sweden is like your caring partner that has your back in any case things fail to go according to plan. 

Give yourself a basic security in your everyday life with varying insurance premiums offered in Sweden. Decide on what risks you are prepared to take then compare the insurance premium cost with the cost of your presumed risk. 

  • Types of Insurance in Sweden

There are the general types of insurance like car insurance, home insurance, and property insurance which one may not stay without. Additionally, health and accident insurance, child insurance, and student insurance are some recommended insurance types that you should have in Sweden. If you are in need of other insurance types, you could also consider pet insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and private pension insurance.

  • How Does Insurance Work in Sweden?

Insurance in Sweden operates by an insurer accessing the situation and compensating the insured in the event that a risk has occurred. As long as there is enough proof of the occurrence of the insured risk, the insurer will compensate the insured without any further ado. However, insurance companies in Sweden present various ways how they issue their compensation.

Regardless of what policy, compensation option, or the terms and conditions of an insurance policy, insurance is the only means to safeguard yourself, family, and property. Cast away your burdens that may come with losses and then enjoy every bit of sweetness that Sweden presents to you.

Mobile phone Subscription in Sweden

Even with a comfortable home/house and knowing that you are covered by insurance, your life is still not complete without a proper means of communication in Sweden. Being a high-tech economy, there is no single doubt that communication is a necessity and this is a system that is highly considered. 

Almost all operations and functions in Sweden will work best for anyone who has a fully functioning phone number and internet connection. In this era where individuals can easily make video calls and connect with everyone on social media, having a mobile subscription is another banger. Sweden already realised how important this is to its masses thus giving room to various mobile operators offering different packages.

With massive liberalisation of its telecommunication, Sweden is presently experiencing an immense use of mobile phones by both children and adults. Moreover, the incorporation of computer classes in the Swedish educational system has sensitised progress in telephone technology

Just like medicines and food, communication has become a basic need in Sweden since it is close to impossible to connect without a phone. Therefore, having a phone is the very first step to communication which would require a SIM card. 

Mobile subscription is provided by a mobile service provider who must issue a subscriber with a SIM card. Getting a SIM card is yet another crucial step and you need to take your time studying the nature of various mobile subscriptions for an informed decision. 

One can easily acquire a SIM either free or at a reasonable charge depending on the provider you choose. Check with your nearest dealer or phone shop to grab a SIM card for this is what allows you access mobile services.  

Internet Subscription in Sweden

So many transactions happen on the internet each single day and Sweden isn’t left behind. Whether its about accessing your internet banking, purchasing an item on online shops. paying bills online, applying for a loan or more, internet subscription is a necessity/

In an age of the internet of things, even television sets have become smart these days. Simply put, you need an internet subscription for home or mobile phone connection. With this, it will be easy to access all public internet services offered by the Swedish government agencies, social media and many more. 

Mark you, your children will need the internet to access school materials and the schools will also send some information on a parent portal. So, you definitely need the internet as a matter of priority. All that must be done is you assess your personal needs and go for an internet service provider and package that perfectly matches. 

Home-based internet connections in Sweden include Broadband, cable, fibre optic, DSL or wireless. Most households however, prefer using Wi-Fi connection since it is the easiest to get connected with high speed internet at affordable prices.

Here is a long list of internet service providers in Sweden you can conveniently choose from based on your personal needs. 

Finding a dating partner, marriage in Sweden 

Like other Scandinavian countries, dating sites have made love experiences more liberal. When you arrive in Sweden for the first time as a single newcomer, top of mind may be how to find a soulmate. Even if the affair doesn’t grow into a full blown marriage, its a great way to cheer up, learn the Swedish cultures and traditions.

In everyday life, Swedes may not be so outgoing. The Swedish damsels can be so beautiful just like their men are too charming. No doubt a foreigner may easily feel the urge to make a move and date them. 

Nothing particularly wrong with dating a Swedish lady or guy. You know the matters of love can be so compelling that they transcend cultures and traditions. As you start your dating journey, be informed that there’s a way Swedes come across as deeply guided on how they do things.

For you, loving and dating may be this boundless sea of experiences to be explored with no particular strict paths. But you can’t be so naive to assume things when dating a Swedish. First, dating them may just be for fun and enjoyment, not to lead to marriage and remain childless. trouble begins when you have unsaid expectations then boom! he or she says it’s over. 

You’ll definitely like going out on coffee dates with your new catch and literally emerge yourself into the fika culture. On these dates, don’t be surprised to get flowers, drinks and more. But just so you know, being a lady dating a Swedish guy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s him to shoulder every bill. Once in  a while, they will love it when you chip in and pay a bill. 

Flirting with someone outside a relationship when dating a Swedish is a complete deal breaker. Of course some will still do this but when your partner gets to know, that will be it-done with and good riddance. It’s just that simple-no wars, no fights, just walkout on the relationship.

Most foreigners arriving in Sweden find it more tolerable dating a little older guys and ladies because they are more settled. Younger Swedes with their characteristic curiosity, exuberance and desire to explore new relationships may just be out there for fun. Older ones will be more deliberate in what they want and if you turn out to be an exciting person who is also self aware, they may just settle down with you/ 

All about Credit Cards in Sweden for newly arrived people

Virtually everyone in Sweden and outside the country will find this piece particularly useful. First, credit cards issued by institutions in Sweden can be actually used outside the country. Second, the terms and conditions attached to a credit card may be specific on where it has been used.

Something noticeable in Sweden is that the cost of living can be high up there. In fact, from day one, you need to actually carefully assess your financial realities and set a lifestyle within your means. But even with a tolerable lifestyle, things tend to get out of hand sometimes.

With the increasingly strict regulations around cash flow in Sweden and the unreliability of soft loans from friends and or relatives, credit cards remain the ultimate saviour. When cash strapped or short on budget, your credit card in Sweden will allow you to borrow and spend on the go. 

With a Swedish credit card, you don\t need to withdraw money to use when on a trip or vacation abroad. All that you need is to arm yourself with the credit card. But as always, ask the customer service desk if they accept your type of credit card before getting the service. This may just be the right way to avoid getting inconvenienced. 

Why do you need a credit card in Sweden?

  • Convenient borrowing and spending on the go
  • In consonance with the increasingly cashless transactions in Sweden
  • Automatic currency conversion when using the card abroad
  • Possibility of loading money from regular account to the card and spending it
  • You can easily track your expenditure and account balance
  • Save yourself the risk of carrying loads of cash. Some cards have contactless payments. Otherwise just insert and ke in the PIN to authorise transactions.

Knowing way too well that credit cards will make your life in Sweden easy, its a good decision to start building your credit scores from day one.Avoid taking petty loans and defaulting to pay in time because doing that harms your credit reputation nd may lead to a denial of credit card application. 

Some of the popular credit card issuers in Sweden you may check out include;   ICA Banken, Bank Norwegian, Kortio, Marginalen Bank, Swedbank among others. 

  • How to Qualify for a Credit Card

With a regular functioning bank account and proven source of regular income in Sweden,, you  can apply for and be given a credit card. Of course a few background checks and identity questions including proof of residence will be asked.

Once you meet the three important checks of regular income, residence in Sweden and credit worthiness, chances of getting a credit card remain high. Of course a few supplementary questions may be asked just to firm up your relationship with the credit card issuer. 

Credit card issuers in Sweden will hand you either a basic credit card and a prepaid credit card. The main difference is that a prepaid credit card isn’t in any way  linked or not linked to your checking account. A basic credit card is usually linked to your checking account.

Obtaining a Credit Card in Sweden

Getting a credit card in Sweden for those who meet the set qualifications should generally be hassle free. The idea is that credit card issuers or lenders to be specific need more and more subscribers. 

One thing that lenders in Sweden know is that virtually everybody in the country has some form of income. Whether its income from paid work, social benefits or interests from assets, at least applicants of credit cards will at the end of the month get an income. 

So the process of obtaining a credit card in Sweden isn’t any complicated. The issuers will ask for only documents that are necessary. Just identify which credit card issuer is best for you, make an application, provide documentation including documents and registration number in Sweden. The approval will be made within a couple of hours or a few days. In case extra documentation is needed, they will be sure to ask for them. 

Getting a Payday Loan in Sweden

Its not something strange to run broke in Sweden. No guilt here as even the most frugal and with a clear budget sometimes run out of money to pay up some emergency needs or service bills. After all, the cost of living in Sweden doesn’t make things even easier for those people having a lot of bills to sort out. 

Now this must be taken seriously-the standards of living in Sweden is high and someone has to pay for this as its not freely handed down to anyone. So, every time you receive your paycheck, a lot of expenses will be nudged to be met.

Whether its for expenditure at household level,  personal needs or emergency, payday loans will save you. You don’t need to bother workmates, friends or relatives to lend you some money. Instead, make a simple and quick application for payday loans in Sweden and you;ll be sure to get.

What’s important for you as a potential borrower is to keep a clean credit score. As a security, lenders will ordinarily check your credit worthiness as a due diligence and safeguard against possible defaulters. 

It doesn’t matter whether its a birthday expense, a lovely apparel on Black Friday offer, purchases for Christamas or any other, Payday loans will save your budget and allow you to pay at a later time when things are better as per the lending agreement. 

  • Finding the Best Private Lender for a Payday Loan

You probably open a bank account with your preferred bank in Sweden and hope to also go ahead and get a payday loan? No way, Traditional banks in Sweden have restricted their operations to banking and not engage in payday loan business.

Payday loans  in Sweden remain a territory for private lenders. Just do a random google search of payday loan lenders in Sweden and the list will be so long. You’lll likely be spoilt for choices on which ones to go for. Actually they will send you individualised notifications once you give an impression to borrow.. This tells how much they need you to take out the loan like right now.

When ready to take out a payday loan, do proper checks and avoid falling in the trap of predatory lenders who charge high interest rates. Also be careful not to fill up and upload sensitive personal information to lenders who turn out to be scammers. 

Ordinarily, payday loans are high convenience loans which explains why they will change you high interest rates. They are very quick to access as well. With a popper scanning of the loan market, you may pick out a reasonable lender who doesn’t pray on your desperation with exploitative interest rates. 

  • Quick guide to applying for a Payday Loan in Sweden

For you to opt for a payday loan in Sweden it means that the need can’t just wait. So you need a combination of quick processing time, few procedures and reasonable interest rates. but the lender too needs to be sure that the whole deal makes sense.

So that you can get a quick payday loan, ensure that your credit scores remain good, have all the necessary personal identity documents, identify the best lender and send out an application. 

After completing your loan application form, attach your income proof and submit for approval. The loan approval process is typically quick and money is disbursed to your account within a few hours. Mostly an SMS notification is sent to your phone to inform of the arrival of money into your account. No wonder payday loan is also referred to as an SMS loan in Sweden. 

  • Circumstances for applying for a Payday Loan

You may have already known that payday loans should never be a first priority when in a financial mess. They are often there to pull you out of the deep murk but you have to pay for this. Its the reason they charge high interest rates and only allow you a short repayment period,

With a high interest rate levied on payday loans combined with shorter repayment period, nobody needs to borrow just for fun. be sure that the reason for which you’re taking a payday loan can’t just wait. 

If anything, payday loans need to cool your hot financial pressures down as you seek to get better ways. It’s actually a quick fix which explains why one needs to think through the whole deal. 

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