Denmark for a newly arrived international

Denmark well fits the bill of being among the most organized and well functioning states in continental Europe. For those planning to get a longer residence in Denmark, there’s always so much in store to learn and explore. Visitors too get to sample not only the well preserved Danish culture but also history, modernity and vibrant cities. But the common trouble with Denmark that most internationals experience is language barrier which makes life extremely complicated. Without having searched for and known some of the important things, living in Denmark literally takes a steep curve.

Situated on the south-central portion of Northern Europe Denmark has a great space in modern history. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about the high level of equality that drives the country. A robust social security system complete with possibilities of everyone being supported to meet a basic living condition means that the residents are generally well served.

It’s in Denmark where you find the oldest amusement park-the Tivoli Gardens as well as acclaimed engineering feats such as the  Öresund bridge. A longstanding monarch also defines how the country gets managed. 

On a normal visit to Denmark or longer stay, it takes time to fully travel across it and really appreciate its vast thrillers. It’s in nature, waterfronts, farming, technology, industries, people, Danish foods, people and language. 

What do we talk about here?

Are you new to Denmark or planning to come in? Be sure to get adequately prepared or briefed on some of the necessary stuff. For an easy life in Denmark, internationals need to follow the set procedures for residence in Denmark. This includes having a visa or residence permit complete with CPR number, Bank account and yellow card. Without these, the relevant authorities will soon get hold of you. Even if they don’t in the short term, getting public services will not be possible.

To get going in Denmark, you definitely need to know a few important things that will act as anchors on which to set the rest of your life. 

As an overview, get to know facets of Denmark on areas including; 

  • Credit card
  • Payday loan
  • Insurance(s)
  • Mobile subscription
  • Electricity and heating
  • Internet subscription
  • Housing and rental
  • Dating

Credit cards in Denmark

One thing about Denmark that any arriving international needs to know is that the country is both highly commercial and cashless. In short, you will have to pay for virtually everything and not in cash ( kontant– for Danish). 

Another outstanding thing with Denmark is that cost of living may sometimes push you off your budget. Even with a neat and strict budget, emergency expenditures may come calling and it’s not always the best choice to approach friends or relatives to lend money. So, smart people go for credit cards. 

You’ll most definitely love going for credit cards in Denmark as they protect your privacy and have your back during a personal cash crunch. You don’t need to come out as a beggar in the eyes of friends, workmates and relatives. 

Because almost every job in Denmark is formal and employees have a regular income, are bankable, getting a credit card ought not be a hassle. Whether you work at a cafeteria, do cleaning, installation, paving or sosu, the fact that you have a proven regular income qualifies you for a credit card in Denmark. 

Something else which you really need to guard from day one of arriving in Denmark is a good credit score. Whatever it takes, don’t be listed in the RKI as a poor debtor. This means that you won’t be able to easily access credit facilities. You definitely don’t want to be in such a situation because life in Denmark, including buying a dream car, high end electronics, buying a home and more involve taking out a loan. 

Some of the popular credit cards in Denmark include;

  • Nordea Gold Mastercard 
  • N26 Credit Card
  • Bank Norwegian credit card
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank
  • Sydbank
  • Spar Nord Bank A/S
  • Realkredit Danmark A/S
  • Danske Bank A/S

Identify your preferred credit card issuer in Denmark, make an appointment and a representative will be glad to offer advice based on your personal situation. Be mindful of the direct as well as hidden costs that come with taking a particular credit card in Denmark. Compare different credit cards for convenience and costs involved. 

Payday loans in Denmark

At first, any foreigner may feel reluctant to borrow money in Denmark. Oftentimes, someone arriving in Denmark has this particular expectation to thrive and possibly meet all their lifetime dreams. Therefore, having to take a payday loan may seem regressive in this dream.

Wait a minute, it’s not so long that you will realize that so many people in Denmark live on credits and loans. It’s nothing to feel offended about taking a payday loan for even native Danes do it every other day when their budget doesn’t seem to work out so well. 

Payday loans accessible to those in Denmark are generally simple to apply for and doesn’’t include so many checks. Most of them are done online and approvals will be completed within just a few hours provided your application meets the minimum requirements. If need for additional information becomes necessary, the lenders will ask for them. 

You can literally take a payday loan in Denmark for a thousand and one reasons. Nobody sets a limit to what you can fund with your payday loan. All that matters to the lender is that you keep up to the terms and conditions of borrowing as well as refund the money in time. 

People end up taking payday loans in Denmark for reasons including payment of utility bills, plugging a budget shortfall on a vacation, Christmas preparations, car repair costs, children needs and more.

So many payday loan lenders operate in Denmark to solve financial distress of residents. So when you run into any cash headwinds, turn to these lenders for quick and reasonable help. They will have your back anyday anytime. 

Some of the payday loan lenders with operations in Denmark include; 

  • LendMe
  • Samlelån 
  • Lendo
  • KreditNU
  • Bank Norwegian
  • Amyfinans
  • Ferratum
  • Arcadia Finans
  • Goloan

Disclaimer: While it’s okay to go out there and get a payday loan, avoid making it a habit and be careful not to fall for predatory lenders. Some of the lenders out there may set high interest rates and very short repayment periods. Your extreme financial needs should not carry you away to become less diligent. 

Insurance(s) in Denmark

Arriving in Denmark, you could be coming from a country where people just live, oblivious of whatever risks may lurk around. That may not be the case in Denmark for you’ll realize that most people do not like submitting themselves to fate.

You will come across all manner of insurances in Denmark which means an extra item for monthly deduction on the paycheck. It may sometimes seem a necessary burden to load your paycheque with so many deductions in form of insurance premiums but when the tragedy visits, you’ll be glad to have made the decision.

Some of the common insurance in Denmark include; 

  • Car insurance
  • dog insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Dental insurance

To put it simply, anything which you care so much about losing in Denmark needs to have some form of insurance. If the worst happens, you’ll be sure that the insurance company indemnifies you instead of having to dig deep into your own pocket to finance the damage. 

Insurance in Denmark may not be cheap as one may expect. As a matter of fact, you’re advised to be sure that you really need the insurance to be taken. If you’re convinced of its need, go ahead and check around the market for a provider which really matches your own needs and is affordable. 

Mobile phone subscription

Mobile phone subscription is among the many things that you won’t be able to live without in the country. At all times, you will find the need for internet connection on your phone necessary. For instance you will need to check a route on google maps, perform a transaction on netbank, send money online, order for a product from web stores and more. Of course you will also need to catch newsfeed online. All these need a reliable internet on your phone.

If anything, you will sense the need for a reliable internet once you step out of your arrival port in Denmark. So it’s not a luxury per se but a necessity for all; children included.

Most mobile phone service providers in Denmark have their products in packages of voice, SMS, internet and international communication. This would be the best option to go for especially as a postpaid user. 

If you choose to go for a prepaid plan, it means that each time you want to make a call or browse the internet, data and credit is in the simCard. Most people subscribe for the postpaid services since they come across as more luxurious, convenient and flexible. 

One thing that must be emphasized about mobile phone subscription in Denmark is that one needs to go for what they need. Remember, a mobile phone service package comes at a set fee. It means that even if you don’t exhaust the package within that given month, its a must to pay regardless. So, select the package that falls squarely within your communication needs to save money. 

To know the most popular mobile phone service providers in Denmark, do not hesitate to click here

Electricity and heating in Denmark

Like all Scandinavian countries, Denmark can get so cold and dark. Some first timers in the country will likely  consider relocating back home during such months. During the colder seasons including winter, part of Autumn and partly Spring can be so cold.

You have a duty to ensure that your home remains connected to electricity and heating.In fact, most of the people cook using electric cookers. A combination of warm clothing and a proper house heating, winter cold will not be a big deal. 

The electricity and heating costs will in some cases come as part of your monthly rent bills. In other cases the bills come separately from service providers  or they can be partly in the rent but any extra consumption comes as a separate bill. 

Enjoying uninterrupted internet access

In this day and age, Denish internet and telecommunication companies  keep an excellent pace to make people always connected. The internet has become an integral part of Denmark as the country seeks to digitize public systems. 

As soon as you set foot in Denmark, you realize the need to use Google translate or any other translator. Also, most people resort to using Google maps to find their way to their pre-arranged accommodations or would be municipalities of residence.All these need a stable internet. You definitely won’t be amused about a never ending internet buffering in the middle of buying online, using netbank or some other important things. 

Luckily, it’s easy to get postpaid  internet subscriptions in Denmark from some of the leading and service minded companies around. Knowing too well that you badly need the internet, such premium services come top notch and with flexible subscription plans to match your personal needs. 

Be it internet bundles or broadband, you definitely get some of the best deals available. The competition for the local market remains high and service providers will always do their best to keep you as their customer. 

For short stay visits like vacations or attending events,it would be best to purchase a prepaid sim card loaded with data bundles. This comes at a comparably lesser cost than going for data roaming using your foreign subscriptions. 

In Denmark you can go for  Hiper/Fastspeed, Jetnet,Oister, MaxSpeed, Telia, Kviknet or Norlys. Just make sure to compare the respective services and settle for one that matches your needs. Do not undersubscribe or oversubscribe but instead, remain within good range. 

Getting housing and accommodation

Renting an apartment will make up a large part of your monthly expenses. While visitors and tourists in Denmark will often go for hotels, AirBnBs or such kind of short stay accommodation facilities, longer residences  require buying a home or renting an apartment. 

Most people start off their life in Denmark from apartments and later, after settling on their jobs, earning money or building their credit rating, buy homes. Homes cost a lot of money to buy and maintain which explains why the decision requires enough time to make. Also, one has to shop around for homes built with a touch of modernity. 

For apartments to rent in Denmark,, you can quickly contact housing companies in your local municipality and they’ll find something within your budget. Just be sure not to fall for scammers. As an alternative, you can create a profile on housing websites and be on the waiting list for preferred rentals. In this case, a fee will be charged to keep your profile and be updated on vacant houses. 

Know that you may qualify for a housing benefit in Denmark even if you’re an international. Closely read the criteria used for the subsidy. 

You may choose any of these house types;

  • Lejlighed (apartment)
  • Ejerbolig (owner-occupied home)
  • Andelsbolig (housing cooperative)
  • Rækkehus (link houses)
  • Villa (single-family house)
  • Værelse (room)
  • Fritidshus (vacation house)
  • Studiebolig / ungdomsbolig / kollegie

Before settling on any of these housing options, assess your own needs including family size, desired amenities, floor size, location of the home i.e distance from public transport and many more. 

Something exciting with housing in Denmark is that eligible persons may apply to get housing benefits. This comes as a subsidy for those whose incomes may not allow them to afford a needed house. 

Mingle with Danish singles,date and marry

Arriving in Denmark as a single person ready to mingle means keeping your eyes out there for a perfect suitor. You notice that finding a partner in the name of a boyfriend, girlfriend, cohabiting partner, husband or wife will in some way play a big role in helping you fit into your new home. They will either offer ideas or support on your integration journey in Denmark.

While some immigrants find it cozier to date other foreigners or those from their home countries, those that wish to explore don’t hesitate dating native Danes. After all, the Danish damsels come across as charming and beautiful while the guys can be super handsome too.

As someone entering the Danish dating scene, a few things have to stick out in your mind. The country has its own rules and a successful dating means mastering the unwritten rules. Ladies have a unique sense of independence, guys can appear so timid to make the first move, love and relationships revolve around creating experiences that go beyond just splashing out money. 

Danes may also get so particular with their dating life. When someone says he or she doesn’t intend to get kids, it has to be that way. Do not sit and expect a drastic change in their thinking. So many Danes date, make out, travel together and do everything that a healthy dating would involve then all that doesn’t lead to a marriage.

When dating in Denmark, you have to set aside the traditional thinking of dating, moving in together, marrying and getting kids. This circle is often skewed, largely interrupted in Denmark which explains the high cases of divorce in the country. 

Here’s more about dating life in Denmark

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