Traveling and experiencing the world would always be the best gift anyone can give to themselves. If time and resources allow, take a trip across the world, visit Cyprus and the rest of the amazing destinations around. Better still, grab opportunities that fly around like getting a job in Cyprus, relocating and starting off an entirely new life.

A typical breathtaking coastal city of Nissi beach, Cyprus

Without necessarily digressing much into the unique place of Cyprus, just know that living in the country thrusts you right into the middle of rich history, beautiful coastlines and bustling culture. Geographically situated around the buffer area between Europe and the Arab peninsula, this island country exudes a great blend of civilization. 

Whatever brings you to Cyprus, you definitely need to feel at home, navigate every situation in  the new home  and just feel wowed. To do get everything right and avoid unnecessary stress that come with fitting into an entirely new environment, we’ve taken the trouble to guide you. We here compile an easy to understand guide on the area you may want to know in your first few days in Cyprus. Let’s get down to learn about;

  • Credit Cards in Cyprus 
  • Payday Loans in Cyprus 
  • Insurance in Cyprus 
  • Mobile Subscriptions in Cyprus 
  • Electricity & Heating in Cyprus
  • Internet Subscription in Cyprus 
  • Housing/Rental in Cyprus 
  • Dating in Cyprus 

Cyprus at a glance

Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyrous has a long rich history. It also has breathtaking beaches and architectural feats anyone may be enthralled to see. So you may step out there to explore opportunities to relocate to Cyprus.

You realize that Cyprus has some of the oldest perfumes and a vibrant culture. To keep yourself engulfed in fun and enjoyment, getting the correct information remains key. Nowonder we take you down the path of learning basics for a stress free start in Cyprus. With this, we believe you’ll be better prepared to explore more possibilities. 

Credit Cards in Cyprus 

Cyprus belongs in the league of advanced economies owing to its endowed financial systems. Tourists from across the world throng the country to enjoy its mild temperatures that sets it apart from the rest of Europe. You can only expect to find credit cards as a common method of completing transactions in Cyprus.

The financial and business environment in Cyprus is so well diversified. While its possible to make payments using cash money, credit cards and debit cards remain the safest and convenient options.

If you hold a credit card from outside Cyprus, its likely that it gets accepted for making payments there. If not, just walk to the nearest Automated Teller Machine and withdraw cash. Being that most credit cards, possibly yours too allow for automatic currency conversion and cash withdrawal, it will be stress free pulling the Euro from an ATM around. 

An amazing bit about having a credit card in Cyrus is that you enjoy seamless borrowing and spending. Nobody gets to know that you’re actually using borrowed money. This convenience and appealing status may be the swag anyone looks for when it comes to borrowing. 

Credit Cards accepted in Cyprus

Now that you’re on top of things when it comes to holding a credit card in Cyprus, attention naturally shifts to which credit cards get accepted there. No doubt a few shops may refuse to accept payment by a foreign issued credit card. Others may also reject credit cards altogether. But the cards listed below have a broader acceptance in the country. 

Some of these widely accepted credit cards in Cyprus include

  • Bank of Cyprus
  • Hellenic Bank
  • Alpha Bank Cyprus
  • Eurobank Cyprus
  • Cyprus Cooperative Bank (CCB)
  • RCB Bank
  • CreditWest Bank
  • Emporiki Bank – Cyprus
  • Cyprus Development Bank

Applying for a credit card in Cyprus

  • An identification document 
  • A valid proof of income in Cyprus
  • Registered address in Cyprus
  • You should have attained the minimum age of 18 years old 

Some credit card issuers in Cyprus may ask for additional documents within their discretion. But be sure that no document will be unreasonably demanded from you. The credit card companies also have an interest in making you have a great experience with them lest you walk away to their competitors. All you need to do is cooperate with your assigned case worker to complete the whole process fast and orderly. 

Security Measures of credit card in Cyprus

In the say and age of identity theft and online scams, so many people will be worried and paranoid about the safety of their credit cards. Remember most cards now allow contactless payment which would mean more risk of losing funds if no robust security measures exist. 

Most credit cards now have elaborate security checks including mobile phone alerts for every transaction made. This on spot alert lets you know that someone is using the card to complete a payment. It may not stop the payment but then you’ll be promptly notified which makes it easy to block the card and avoid further mess.

So to say, each credit card holder has to be careful and diligent to get maximum security on those cards.  Ensure that you explore and follow every security feature instructed by the credit card issuer including the possibility of having the credit card App on your mobile phone for instant alerts. 

Benefits and rewards of using credit cards 

Credit card issuers by their very operations are in the business of selling money. Because of this, they know that the only way to win customer loyalty is to create a remarkable experience. Now wonder, they basically have so many loyalty programs and rewards to keep you hinged.

Even before you choose which credit card issuer to go for, compare their terms and conditions. As a priority, know all stated and hidden costs attached to transactions such as cash withdrawal, payments abroad, account operations and more.

The rewards and loyalty programs run by credit card issuers make them a darling for many. You stand a chance to earn rewards points, get discounts on purchases, and cashback. Also, it offers convenience in that you can make purchases without cash. Did you know that it can assist you build your credit history? When your credit history is good, you may qualify for higher loans. 

Payday Loans in Cyprus 

Like any developed country where financial inclusion is tops and the economy runs on real money, situations that need money you don’t have will arise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the creme dela creme of prudent personal finance managers or an executive earning the top dollar. Somehow, troubles may locate you and payday loans become a quick fix.

When unexpected financial challenges come up, payday loans are a viable solution for individuals in need of short-term assistance. For you to qualify for a payday loan, you should be 18 years old and above. The things that can be considered before you are given a payday loan include a bank account in Cyprus, credit history,, and proven regular income. However, other requirements may vary from one institution to the other. 

Should I take a payday loan or not? 

Taking a payday all depends on you. If you urgently need cash, then it is a better option than asking from friends and family. One of the good things is that the application process is easy, and you can get the loan in minutes. Besides, you can make the application from the comfort of your home. 

As compared to traditional financial institutions, the paperwork is less. No collateral is needed. This means that all your investments are safe. Is this not a good option? In addition, some institutions do not need your credit history. Having a source of income is enough proof that you will be able to pay your loans. As much as the payday loans are good, they do come with high interest rates and may make one to be in a cycle of debt. 

Steps to Obtain Payday Loans in Cyprus

  • Identify the financial institution  to target for payday loan
  • Be sure to pick the best by comparing interest rates, annual rates, and the set terms and conditions. 
  • Gathering often not too much documentation. Fx, they may need proof of income, residence, and identification. 
  •  Fill in the application then submit it. 
  • The lender will then notify you through a sms or email if the application is successful. 

Some of the known payday loan lenders in Cyprus today include; 

  • Projective Transmarine Finance Co. Ltd.
  • Lendnet
  • Socotra Finance
  • Fast cash loans
  • Ellinas Finance

Insurance in Cyprus 

Cyprus is not just a haven for ancient history but also a modern hub in which safeguarding the wellbeing of an individual is vital. As you know, life usually comes with its uncertainties. Therefore, taking insurance enhances financial wellbeing and some form of protection. Cypriots do understand the significance of securing their present and future. Some of them take insurance from life, car, health, to property. 

On health insurance, the heartbeat of every society lies in the health as well as happiness of its people. Health insurance is a cornerstone in enhancing access to quality care. In addition, it fosters a culture of proactive well-being. 

In addition, as a local or an expat, safeguarding your home is very important. Insurance will not only cover you against natural disasters but also a guard against unforeseen events. The events include the ones that may threaten the peace of your home. Home insurance covers things like personal liability, personal possession damage or loss, theft, and others. 

Third party car insurance is mandatory in Cyprus just like in the rest of the world. The insurance covers the injuries or damage caused to third parties in case of an accident. As an expat or local, the other non-mandatory car insurance that you may take include comprehensive. This type of insurance is a sure bet as it covers almost everything related to the car. 

The other insurances that you may take in Cyprus include life insurance, travel, and pet insurance. Life insurance ensures that your family does not struggle after you have passed on. With travel insurance you may get your money back in case of cancellation, baggage loss, accident, and legal expenses. Lastly, pet insurance covers your pet in case they are ill or get lost. 

Insurance companies to check out for  in Cyprus include;

  • Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd
  • Prodromou & Makriyiannis Insurance Underwriting Agencies & Consultants Ltd
  • Infocredit Group Limited
  • Besso Insurance Brokers European Services Ltd
  • LPR Insurance Brokers Limited
  • Pitsas Insurances
  • Abbeygate Insurance
  • Christoforos Georgiou Insurance Agents & Consultants Limited
  • Hermes Insurance Limited
  • NPTS Insurance Agents Sub-Agents & Consultants Ltd

Mobile Subscriptions in Cyprus 

Staying connected in the modern world is essential, and mobile subscriptions are an important part of people’s daily life in Cyprus. Staying in communication with your family and friends wherever you are can bring peace to you as an individual. As an expat, constant communication will not make you miss home so much. However, all this can only be possible if you have the right mobile subscription. 

To be on the safe side with your mobile subscription, some of the things to acutely consider are; 

  • The quality of services provided i
  •  Check the reviews of the companies online 
  • Ask around for review from Cypriot friends and colleagues 
  • Consider the cost
  • Check  contract length, does the provider have a minimum time in which you need to notify them before canceling the services? What is the period? Does it come with a cost? 
  • Ensure that your chosen provider has huge network coverage.and no unjustifiable downtime

Mobile subscription providers in Cyprus include;

  • Cytamobile (Vodafone Cyprus)
  • Epic Cyprus (formerly MTN Cyprus)
  • PrimeTel Cyprus

Electricity & Heating in Cyprus

Managing energy consumption is crucial for both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The sources of electricity in Cyprus include renewable energy, natural gas, and fossil fuel. Renewable energy including wind power and solar have helped in the reduction of fossil fuel dependency. It has also assisted in reducing the environmental influence. 

During cold months, especially in winter, house heating plays a vital role. Cyprus boasts of a traditional heating system, electric heaters, and air conditioning units. Water heating is also powered by solar water heaters and electricity. 

Internet Subscription in Cyprus 

In an increasingly digital age, reliable internet connectivity is essential for every household. Apart from mobile subscription you will need internet subscription to connect to your Television, computer, and other electric product. 

Popular internet providers in Cyprus 

  • Cyta
  • Primetel
  • MTN
  • Cablenet

What should you consider when choosing an internet provider in Cyprus?

Choosing the right internet service provider can be challenging because it will hugely influence your online experience. Speed, speed, it is the first thing to consider. To choose the right speed, consider your interests on things like remote work, online gaming, and streaming. From there, you may choose the best one that fits your needs. 

Moreover, there are different kinds of connections. They include satellite, fiber optic, cable, and DSL. Do you want one that has a fast and reliable speed? Then fiber optic may be a good option. Unfortunately, it only covers certain areas in Cyprus. 

Does your chosen provider have contract terms? What are the terms? Do you understand them? Before signing a contract, ensure that you know its length as well as early termination fees. If you will not stay in Cyprus for a long period, then you can go for month to month plans with no long-term commitments. 

In addition, understand the total cost of the chosen plan. It can include installation fees, monthly fees, and equipment charges. As a user, you can also compare pricing structures and check if there are any hidden costs.

Housing/Rental in Cyprus 

Getting suitable housing is a priority for both residents and expatriates in Cyprus. As an expat, buying a house may require lots of documentation. Thus, most expats prefer renting. In most cases, renting works well because as a tenant, you do not have to bother about repairs, maintenance, or any breakdown. 

Types of Rental Housing in the Republic of Cyprus

There are several options for renting in Cyprus. They have daily, short term, and long-term rental housing. If you are on vacation in Cyprus, you can always use the option of daily or short-term rental. You can always check online for the apartment that you may want to rent for a short period of time. 

The look of modern appartment blocks for renting in Cyprus

Long term rental applies to the individuals who want to stay in Cyprus for long period. It requires long term contract between you and the landlord. The process of getting a house is not so complicated and within a short while you can get the house of your choice. 

With regards to lease agreements, Cyprus follows a good leasing system. Before renting a house, review your lease agreement. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions. In case you are unsure of something, you can always confirm with the landlord. 

House Renting Costs

The cost of renting in Cyprus ranges from one city to another. In the urban areas, the rental costs are high as compared to the rural areas. Remember, apart from the rent, you will pay for things such as utility bills which may include water, electricity, and heating. 

Purchasing a house in Cyprus 

As an expat, if you will be living in Cyprus for a long period, then purchasing a house is the best option. Apart from the fact it gives you a place to call home, it is a great investment. After purchasing a home, you can always change it to your preferences like the interior decoration. 

The sites where you can get house to buy or rent in Cyprus

  • Bazaraki 
  • Cyprus Property for Rent 
  • Zyprus 
  • Prime Property Group 
  • Spitogatos Cyprus 
  • Home Seekers 
  • OnlineCyprus 
  • Fox Smart Estate Agency 
  • Property Cyprus 
  • Realtor Cyprus 

Dating in Cyprus 

Cyprus has cultivated a distinct approach to romance that blends tradition with modern influences. The country is deeply rooted in its traditions. Therefore, when dating someone from Cyprus, just know that dating entails acceptance and approval from the person’s family. 

Moreover, in the Cypriot society, religion is very important. Most of the population identify as Muslim or Greek. Religion’s influence is reflected in dating expectations and rituals. When dating someone, ensure that you respect their religious practices like observing Ramadhan or attending Church service. 

Although traditional values continue to shape the dating scene, some modern influences have also made their mark in relationships in Cyprus. Increased connectivity, globalization, and urbanization have resulted in a dynamic dating scene. Social media as well as dating sites have highly helped in connecting people. 

What to consider when dating a Cypriot 

Cultural norms influence the communication style of the Cypriots. They do value harmony, politeness, and indirect communication in relationships. Also, be very attentive to their nonverbal cues. When expressing your thoughts, do so in a considerate manner

Taking your love adventure a notch higher with dating in Cyprus

You can also try to learn their language. It is a good way of showing the way you are into or rather committed in the relationship. When speaking, you can always throw in some two or three words. To add to that, you can learn social etiquette such as their greeting customs. 

Consider engaging in outdoor activities. In Cyprus, there are lots of outdoor activities as well as romantic settings. You can explore the island together or even enjoy some beach dinners. Have you also thought about going hiking? By sharing such experiences, you and your will create lasting memories. 

Dating sites in Cyprus 

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Happn
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish (POF)
  • Mingle2
  • Bumble
  • Zoosk
  • eHarmony
  • EliteSingles.


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